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July 25, 2010

My Prize MyWatch Has Finally Arrived!

Remember the online contest I have posted last month, and guess what, I won! I won!

When I got home Tuesday morning from a short grocery trip, I found a 2Go package sitting in the living room table as received by my dad. I didn't order anything online, so I am certain this is the prize that I have been waiting for (Gossip Gehl even advised on her blog that the package is already on transit)!.

I am sooo excited to open it! People know how much I looove watches and I am not disappointed! As suggested by friends, I chose this white watch which can be worn casually. 

The material is light-weight and very neat. I super love it! Exact opposite of the usual bangle or bracelet type watches I wear. 

MyWatch is proudly Philippine-made. Now that's another reason to be proud of being a Filipino! 

Thank you Gossip Gehl/Maver for the wonderful contest! Thank you MyWatch for this limited edition watch, and thank you 2Go for delivering my prize as mint as it is!

If you want your own MyWatch, please visit the MyWatch store at the Archaeology, 2nd floor of Power Plant Mall. 

Contact Details:

Please do visit Gossip Gehl at http://maver.wifespeaks.com for a daily dose of no non-sense blogging!

Now, I'm ready to join another online contest..