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July 20, 2010

Random Thoughts

I cannot sleep.. I am wishing that someone is thinking of me right now; but no. It is the caffeine from the Nescafe coffee I have taken a few hours before I went home.

.. Dreams do have expiration dates.

I just thought that I have given and done everything, but the lack of effort from the other party makes me less enthusiastic on doing the things I would have love to do.

..... His friend is right. I still remember the exact words he has sent me 2 years ago.

I need to go to a salon, and have a hair spa treatment. Thanks to my friend for giving me a dollop of her new wonder hair product.

.. I should be home everyday before the sun rises.

I need to visit that derma clinic in Annapolis.

The book that I am reading is such a bore; but I don't have any choice but to finish it..

I have such a bad colds. That explains the raspy voice.

I need to claim the prizes I have won in the online contests (there's a book, nip tapes - oh yes, nip tapes!, and a watch - the watch is already on transit)

I love the guy, but I need to be inloved again.

.. I have to go to bed now. I would hate the time again when I wake up later tonight.