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July 16, 2010

Sweet Inspirations, Katipunan: Buffet Breakfast and a Lasagna Story

I just had breakfast with colleagues this morning and it was my first time to dine in at Sweet Inspirations in Katipunan.

The team is craving for a buffet breakfast but I had to pass on this since my stomach was already complaining with all the oil, fat, salt and sugar I have eaten the night before. I have decided to try the Lasagna (Php125) and although it is not the best that I have tasted, at least it is not a disappointment. The funny thing was when I asked the waiter how big is a single serving. He then told me it is as big as the boat plate (gesturing with his hand). I then told him I am not asking for the plate size, but for the actual pasta/lasagna - he then said, "as big as this" (drawing a square on his palm!). I asked him thrice for the actual serving size but he had never given me the answer or comparison that I am expecting. I just then ordered to find it out myself. The pasta is not that creamy (or saucy), but I can say - meat-filled (and yes it comes with a garlic bread).

There is also a set menu for the same price (Php125) for half serving of Lasagna, Iced Tea and slice of Chocolate Mousse.

Although I have not tried the buffet breakfast, with my friends' recommendation, I know that the offerings are worth the money. So what's on the buffet table?

Kakanin like bibingka and puto bumbong (yes, they do serve puto bumbong even without the Christmas Carols!).
Daing na bangus (which is always present in any buffet breakfast offering)
Sunny side-up
Fried rice
Arroz Caldo
Fresh Fruits for dessert

The best part of the deal is that it comes with a bottomless Iced Tea. The price is only Php170/head.

To cap the meal, we ordered a slice of Mango Cream Pie (Php41) and Chocolate Mousse (Php55). Took me a while to decide which cake to order. The cake display is sooo big that I wanted to try every cake on display. There is Banana Cream Pie, Mango Cream Pie, Blueberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Torte, Chocolate Mousse, Sans Rival and other chocolate cakes. The Mango Cream Pie is a must-try!

Check out the Sweet Inspirations website and menu here.

Picture from the Cafe Sweet website.