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July 18, 2010

Vivani Premium Organic Chocolate

I am nursing a flu and colds, and thank God because it is weekend. I have to deal with headache and sneeze and coughs at my room. I am just hoping that the paracetamol can help me not file a Sick Leave tomorrow.

You know how parents would tell you that chocolates are bad for colds; but I cannot help myself and I have to grab the Vivani Premium chocolate I have bought from Taste (Hong Kong). It says that it is an organic chocolate, which at least makes me less guilty.

Organic as they say, the product is produced with a little difference from the traditional chocolates that we used to eat when we were younger. Vivani claims that they do not use genetically manipulated soy beans and raw cane sugar which resulted to a more "chocolaty" taste. I have to agree.

I only get to taste this flavor (Dark Chocolate filled with Cassis) and I really like! Love the blackcurrant cream flavor with every bite (and every square!). I have bought it at HK$28 (around Php170) - now that's cheap. I should have hoarded and brought them all home in Manila.

My friend did buy all the flavors available in the Taste counter, but I had to stop myself from adding all the varieties in my cart as I worry I would not like this product. But I do!

Hong Kong is not listed in the directory but we were able to buy from Taste in the City Outlet Mall. I did check the site but the item is not yet available in Manila. Does anyone know?