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Bad Service: PureGold Divisoria

August 2, 2010

I really wanted to publish a new blog which talks about bad service. It may sound and contain negative thoughts but I just thought maybe that through my own little way of publishing my experiences, people and companies would then focus more on customer service. 

Two hours ago, I experienced another unacceptable service from PureGold. My mom and I decided to check out the newly opened PureGold store in Divisoria to buy something to cook for lunch. After strolling around the area and picking up all the stuff I needed for the week (toiletries, coffee, snacks – they don’t have much variety of items – this store is good as a convenience store), we fell inline in the CASH counter thinking that that would speed up the check out process. Lo and behold, the customer ahead of us showed her credit card and the cashier excused herself and went to the Customer Service area to swipe the card (they don’t have terminals per counter!! argh!! – imagine if all the cashiers would process credit card transactions?! they would wait for their turn in the Customer Service desk). I double checked the counter sign, it clearly shows CASH; and I was being a little too impatient so I went to the Customer Service desk. 

I told the receptionist that cashiers should be effective and efficient especially that there are people who are running errands and mothers who just need milk for their babies! She just apologized and told me that cashiers don’t have a choice if customers would show their credit cards upon check out. So why put the CASH and CASH/CHARGE signs? I told the cashier that she should ask and remind customers that such counter would only accept CASH before opening the till and punching bar codes. 

After 10 minutes of processing that card transaction, we went back to the counter and I loudly ANNOUNCED that customers should know which counter to line up to. If you are paying in card, please do line up at the CASH/CHARGE counter! I just wished the customer ahead of us got the message clearly. I even reminded the cashier to first tell the customer that she would only accept cash payments. She reasoned out that she has no choice especially if the store is busy, and my mom told her that there aren’t much customers in the store. 

I also noticed that the 20 Items Below counters are not being used, or people just don’t know how to use it or read it; and cashiers do not care at all! Who cares if she is pushing a fully-loaded cart, she lined up at the 20 Items Below counter. How nice.. 

I am sure that the PureGold staff would hate me until their shift ends. I may be another Primadonna. It is a sad thought these people might think that customer service does not exist in a place like Manila or Divisoria. But it is a sadder thought that these people do not value their customers who give them business and jobs. 

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