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Cool Gadgets

August 10, 2010

I am not a very techie person. I can use the computer, and the internet. I know I can easily follow instructions and adapt to changes. But I am just not a techie person. I do not own the latest gadgets nor the sleekest phone. Maybe it is a choice, and because of my lifestyle, and maybe it is just something that my pocket cannot afford.

So the simplest form product of technology nowadays amazes me. Check out this cool gadgets and appliances I have discovered online.

Shared Refrigerator from Electrolux

Nope, this is not an Orocan box. It is a refrigerator. I just thought maybe we could buy something like this in the office. Hehe. Who would use it? Those who share rooms with anybody. Do you always smell your favorite dish whenever he/she speaks? Time to buy this cool ref!

3D Camera

SLRs hanging on one’s neck has been a status symbol. I should be sick everyday whenever I would check my Facebook homepage and see all the pictures and tagged pictures of my friends suddenly loving Photography. If photography is want you wanted, time to grab this cool gadget. No joke. You may now take pictures of your subject in 3 dimensional photos. If you are serious in buying this, check out the specs here.

Transformers USB

For the kids and kids-at-heart. We will never get tired of Transformers! And there goes the cute USB to keep your files.

X Tape

Maybe this could be used not only to cover your notebooks and books but also in keeping the doors and windows working. Hehe

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