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Jessica Alba Takes On The Police

August 12, 2010

As reported by Hello Magazine:

No, Jessica Alba is not starring in a new film as a motorcycle cop.

Due to the camera’s coincidental angle and the right reflection it appears as if the 29-year-old actress has joined the force to keep law and order.

The simple explanation however: Jessica was caught speeding.

The Fantastic Four star was pulled over in Beverly Hills on Wednesday by the police while driving her SUV through town. 

After rolling down her window and flashing her pearly whites Jessica allegedly explained that she was driving quickly in order to avoid nearby paparazzi.

The officer must have understood her plight for he let her off the hook with a warning.

I’ll give the photographer an A+ grade for the nice shot; and a two thumbs up for the police officer. I wonder if MMDA officers can let her go without asking for money for breakfast.. (I forgot, there is no such thing as speeding here in Manila.. heavy traffic everywhere in the Metro!).

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