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August 10, 2010

Pizza Hut's Buy-One-Take-One Promos Vs. Palm Card: Save More

Last night, as a promise to my new team and as a surprise to my former team, I have had a pizza treat. I was actually planning to get the Shakey's Supercard, but for some weird reason, our office phone service cannot connect to the hotline number.

I have decided to order online through the Pizza Hut website and waited for the phone call from the support team. So alright, I can still use my Palm Card until the end of August (my Palm Card has a punch on the month of August, and I thought I couldn't use the card at this point).

Anyway, so I was actually thinking of dropping by the Pizza Hut store instead to avail of the Php399 Buy One Take One Promo.

But the available pizzas are just the same ones I would get for free using my Palm Card.

Then, there is a Php499 Buy One Take One offer exclusive for Delivery.

Flavors available are Supreme, Bacon Supreme, Hawaiian Supreme, Bacon Cheeseburger Supreme and Veggie Lovers Supreme.

Doing a little math, I know I could save more if I would use my Palm Card since I wanted to order 2 Meatlovers (Php435) and 1 Super Supreme (Php435). So I did. I only paid Php1,600 plus for the 3 supreme flavored pizzas (Meatlover and Super Supreme) and I got 3 family sized Hawaiian Pizza from my Palm Card (and they come with 3 1.5L of Pepsi too!)

I think I have saved Php150 plus for using my Palm Card - and I got to order the flavors that I wanted.