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Cinderella Would Hate Me, Imelda Would Give Me a High Five: Shoe Shopping

September 12, 2010

This blog post is a little too late. My weekend had been so busy, and I never had a decent sleep just yet.

Cinderella would hate because I have just bought 8 new pairs of shoes! Saturday morning, I dragged my mom to the mall after I have read online that my favorite shoe store is holding a sale. It is not actually my favorite store, but since I have such a big size (size 10 or 11, or maybe 12), I have no choice but to like Confetti. Gone are the days when I would buy thousands worth of shoes that fit. The most painful part – I would buy anything that fits – even if I don’t like the design! I have worn Kickers shoes that make me look like little drummer boy. But I have no choice. I don’t want to go to school barefooted.

Pay day would come in two days, but I need to check the store because I was just not after the discounts but the sizes! More often I would find shoes that I so like only to find out that my sizes had been sold-out. Imagine I am just not competing with other girls who have big shoe sizes, but also with our friendly friends who love fashion shows and beauty contests more than anything else – gays.

So right, I got 8 new pairs. Last year, I have bought 6 and some – I haven’t used yet. There are a couple of shoes which have peeled off in the storage. So now I have learned my lesson. I didn’t just buy anything that fits. I have to check the materials and craftmanship to ensure that it would last and would age in my shoe rack.

In fairness to this brand, most of the shoes last. I have brought some pairs 3 years ago and they are still in mint condition. I just have to say, stay away from those shoes with shiny finish as they usually chip and peel off even in storage. There is heat and El Nino to blame.

I was actually looking for flats and harabas shoes (which means shoes that I can wear comfortably while commuting) but I ended up buying more and more heeled shoes!

Most of the flats have no big sizes – just plain sold out.

I bought this shoes because the sales lady says they just released it July this year. It is fun and cute. Love the zipper details.

I thought I wanted to buy white shoes of the same design. But they only have size 12. So I bought the beige one instead. 

Slip-ons – I love have they are made comfortable. They make you look put together without being too formal. It is a must buy. I have to buy this design because there aren’t much choices. 

Let’s add some spunk. Spunky yet not loud. I like it!

I just have to buy it because it is made of cloth and I know it would age in my shoe rack. I love the color (purple!) and the embroidered design. I only have one purple dress in my closet so I am wondering when can I possibly wear this pair?

I have the same shoe design in purple which I have bought in 2007 and the pair is still in good condition. I wanted to buy the green one but I got no size so I bought the brown instead. 

I was ready to check out when I saw this pair. I tried fitting it and it looks cute (says the saleslady – I should not have listened, that’s her job – pursue and add more sales) – but my mom second the motion, so this pair has been added to my cart.
.. and this blue one too!

Whew! Last count, I have 30 pairs of shoes (not including the “war” shoes and sneakers). That’s a good one pair per day.

I still envy Cinderella for owning that glass slippers and having her prince charming.

Anyway, for those who would want to shop, Confetti’s sale is still on going. I just have this weird tendency of panic buying – just prepping for the crisis. Haha.

I was actually planning to visit Megatrade since Adidas held a Mega-sale of their products. Good 80% off. But I was too tired and sleepy that I don’t even know how I managed to carry the shopping bags.

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