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Facebook Support: Recovered Account!

September 8, 2010

Just an update on the Facebook issue that my friend has encountered on his account. Remember that I have made a review/write up on how Facebook does the authentication process. It is a failure. So using my friend’s email address (and with his consent), I sent a message to the Facebook developers. Actually it was even a struggle to find out the Facebook email address. I mean, if you will browse through Facebook pages and support links, most of the pages are just FAQs and there is no valid email address where you contact directly.

I came across a website which claims to be the developers of Facebook (email address “[email protected]”) but they had never responded until now.

I checked all the pages and I was lucky I have found the email address. So for those who have issues with their accounts, they can send a note to [email protected]

Anyway, so I sent a message and advised them that I (my friend) cannot accessed my account and the authentication process is not working. I included the link to my blog post and after a day, they have sent a reply with Instant Access validation and my friend was able to access his account. Great! Just great!

They even replied that they do not assist on friend’s Facebook account issues (thinking I was the one who has issue here) and that “the friend” must send the email directly to them. Oh well, mark down on comprehension..

But the outcome is good. Sometimes, all you need to do is expose the dark sides.. 😉

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