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How About A Status Update from BlackBerry?

September 20, 2010

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

We can forever thank technology and developers for making our life easier each day. Easier that connecting with our families and friends is as easy as typing and clicking your mouse. But innovation does wonder in making social networking more convenient anytime and anywhere that we can easily update our status in Facebook and Twitter through mobile phones or Blackberry.

Bringing laptops during vacations is just an option now – to think that we would even worry about Wifi connectivity and slow broadband connections. How can we share the nice sunset at the beach, and the exotic food that we have tasted if our browser would show connection failure? We can now forget about thinkpads and just ensure that our phones are fully charged.

Boost Mobile is just one of the many companies which offers internet connectivity, and the best part is that it offers unlimited connectivity to Facebook for one price per month.Oh, how much do we love to send updates in Facebook?! I know alot of people who updates their statuses and profile pictures more often than how the current exchange rate does.

With convenience in mind, users may have the option to pay in person, online or through phone. For the busy people like I am, there is even an option to automatically send payments – either through debit or credit card. Boost Mobile even added a new service which would allow customers to add funds in their accounts through Re-Boost.

Somehow I feel that it has been a status symbol to update one’s status in Facebook using a mobile phone and even a BlackBerry. Can you check your Facebook homepage and count how many friends have updated their status – and on the bottom is a small font in italics which read XX minutes ago via BlackBerry.

Maybe it’s time to get a BlackBerry huh? Check out the deal for BlackBerry Curve 8330 Smartphone which starts at $149.99. It has an enhanced Mp3 player, digital camera, ringtones, full QWERTY keypad, email access, enhanced browser, 1GB card.

Activation process is as easy as clicking the link and entering the code.

I wonder how nice it is to update a status using a BlackBerry? (not that I always update my status) I wonder how many “likes” I would receive? My friends know me too well that my big bag can only handle a “mini-phone”. 😉

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