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September 13, 2010

Payless Shoe Store Now Opened in Megamall!

Forgive me, I am still Shoes-gasmic!

I was ecstatic when I found out that Payless Shoe Store has opened in SM Megamall. At least, there is no need to battle the traffic just to visit the pilot store in Alabang.

I have another store to buy shoes from! Most of the US and UK brands do carry big sizes but they never sell them at the local stores. Although there are some who do sell them, but at few quantities.

I love Payless - they have size 13 - the biggest! I have landed at 9.5 - and I felt I was back in High School.

The prices range from Php750 to Php1,500. They got nice flats, funky sneakers and heeled shoes. They are even cheaper compared to local shoe brands.

The store also sells bags (at Php950 the cheapest) and accessories.

I didn't have a camera with me, so I just borrowed some pictures from Ang Kaladkarin.

One buyer said that that is exactly how they showcase the shoes in US stores. Aisles with shoe boxes arranged by shoe sizes. I love it! Ditched the fancy glass holders - this creates an experience of true bargain shopping! Although I have to think and think twice - imagine how many feet have tried those shoes on display? I am just hoping that by the time I am ready to buy from Payless, I will get not the last shoe pair! Haha.

Payless Shoe Store is at 2nd floor Building A of SM MegaMall.