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Presenting.. The New IPOD Nano Multi-Touch

September 17, 2010

The iPod Nano has just gone a make-over!

Yes, you can now tap, flick or swipe the screen and listen to your favorite playlists. It is smaller and lighter. The coolest feature –  just shake it and it would play random songs in your playlists.

New Features:

FM Radio

Listen to your favorite radio stations anytime, with an option to PAUSE – and pick up right where you left off. Isn’t that amazing?

Your own personal DJ

How much do we love remixes of favorite songs?! Soo much! That get to the beat and hit the dance floor. Hit the GENIUS and iPod Nano would look for songs in your list with the same groove for that fun remixes. Awesome. Genius.


So listen to the radio and create remixes, cool indeed. But like what they usually say in advertisements.. wait, there’s more! The new iPod Nano functions as a Pedometer. And if you want a trainer or a buddy to motivate you, or help you in your work-out, pair it with Nike + iPod Sport Kit.Don’t be surprised with the real-time voice feedback playing along with your music. That’s your virtual personal trainer giving you feedback on your work-out.

Want to learn more about the new iPod Nano? Check this site.

The new iPod Nano with Multi-Touch starts at Php7,999. Order online and get a free engraving (the system only accepts characters, no hearts, smileys, whatsoever) 😉

Just a note though, if you are ordering online, please do not use your Virtual Credit Cards. I once ordered online from Apple using my Virtual Credit Card and the customer support asked for a copy of my Statement of Account. The credit card number does not tally with the virtual card so they requested for the front and back images of my original credit card. For security reasons, I did not send them the required documents – instead I cancelled my order and processed a new one using my credit card. The very reason I used a virtual card is to protect my credit card details, but it was funny that the support team requested for the front and back images. Tsk, tsk. Most of the online stores never ask for credit card details through email – so this makes me think. Twice.

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