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2011 Belle De Jour Power Planner Pages

October 28, 2010

My friend went to the Belle De Jour event last Sunday, and I asked her to buy me a copy of the 2011 Belle De Jour Power Planner – and here it is!

So I only paid Php480 (special price offering exclusive only during the event), regular price is at Php560 (or 580?) not sure, but the point is I was able to save. For some weird reason I don’t feel excited about the planner anymore – gone are the days that I soo wanted to use colored gel pens when writing in my planner. Haha (don’t we all love using gel pens if we have new planners?!). The lack of excitement is probably because I somehow know what to expect – coupons, and nice candy colored pages. This is my 3rd Belle De Jour Planner, and I can’t help but compare.

The cover material is the same as the 2009 cover. My friend told me that there were two versions of the planner – spiral bound and bounded like a notebook. I am just glad she chose the spiral bound because I find it too hard to write on a bounded planner.She was (I was) lucky that she has gotten the last spiral bound planner during the event! Yeah!

Just to share – please see the pages.

The coupons are now colored and it has a stub which has fields for name, address, etc. An idea which was sent by one of the Belle De Jour fans – a bella! An idea which the BDJ team has not thought of just yet. The  3 girls whose ideas had been incorporated in the planner would receive free planners. So if you want to make the BDJ planner more fit to your lifestyle (and would fit every bella’s too), go ahead and send the team a message.

I just thought that the 2009 planner had the best deals and discounts. But I am just glad there is at least one Buy One, Take One coupon from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Most of the partner merchants – I don’t use their service nor buy their products. Might as well give away the coupons. 

The planner is now compact. Calendar are in continuous pages – so the pages for the last days of January would have the first days of February. I thought I have missing pages because the coupons were binded in between.

Funny I saw the Habit Tracker page, I haven’t used this page in my 2010 planner. 

This is my favorite pages in the planner. But too bad, there are only two pages for Vacation Planner. I had 5 major vacation this year (when I say major, I meant I had to take a plane) – so I was only able to use the 2 pages for the Vacation Planner. My suggestion is to add more Vacation Planner pages (what, with promo fares left and right, people are now getting more adventurous and jet setting!).

Sample weekly page – it is less girly now, eh? The bottom portion I use to jot down my daily expenses! ๐Ÿ˜‰

What makes Belle De Jour special are the articles. It is like reading Cosmopolitan. And I am glad they have new articles!

I had sent a suggestion to make a sort of Bills Tracker, and savings tracker – so I guess they tweaked it and came up with this page:

.. and even if the planner has instructions on how to use the pages, I would still use it the way I want it. This would be my Investment Page.

Random Thoughts page.. maybe I would use it to do F.L.A.M.E.S. with my crushie. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s a little booklet included on the planner. It has pages from 2010 BDJ planner that were removed from 2011 planner. I still love the 2010 BDJ notepad.

Events Tracker which was originally binded in the 2010 BDJ Planner. 
Emergency Calling Cards.. you can easily detach! When to use? Business? or when you meet a hot guy at the beach, in a bar – or even in the office.. Why not? I am eyeing a cutie in the office now. But there is no need for calling cards, he knows where to find me. 

The 2011 BDJ planner comes with free discount card. I know for 2009, for the first bellas who ordered online, we have received a Michaela Salon discount card (which I have never used!). For more info, please check the Belle De Jour Power Planner. I heard they are opening the online order form soon.

Hmm.. I was thinking of raffling a 2011 BDJ planner for my blog contest..

Anyway, here are all the BDJ planners I got –

In 2007, I have no idea this planner exists! 2008 – all the copies had been sold out! So there, cute planners like book of memories!

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