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October 9, 2010

Cebu Pacific Air's Dancing Male Flight Attendants: Like or Dislike?

Have you ever listened or gave your attention to the safety instructions delivered by Flight Attendants when riding a plane? I did. Once. When it was my first time to ride an airplane. Then after several more flights, I would just check the Flight Attendants and assess if their smiles are sincere.

Cebu Pacific did it again. Now here comes the Male Version.

It was actually fun - something new. But I still go for the traditional way of delivering the instructions. If this is Cebu Pac's marketing strategy - I don't think they need it anyway, their promo seats are sold in less than an hour and with PAL's current situtation, we cannot deny that Cebu Pac is leading the game.

Cebu Pac representative says that this is a new approach in ensuring that people would pay attention to the safety instructions.. Or maybe to the dance steps and cute Flight Attendants. Honestly, did you understand the whole instructions about safety vest and seat belts when you watch the FA's did the dance aisle? I watched it as if I am a first time flyer. I got entertained but I may need to read the instructions guide again during the whole flight duration or even ask my seatmate how to buckle the seat belt.

Cebu Pac once came up with flight games, then promo seats, then here comes the dancing FA's.. I admire whoever thought of these gimmicks, but what's next?