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eTouch Phone Replacement

October 25, 2010

8 months ago, I had accidentally spilled a cuticle remover to my Etouch Phone – With a little knowledge about wirings and short circuits, I just let it dry for two days and was ecstatic it has worked like it was new again – but I was wrong. It just started to shut off for no reason. I sent it to the store where I have purchased the item (thanks to one year warranty).

So they sent it back to the service center for one month, when I got it back – the symptoms persisted, (and it has to see a “doctor”) so I sent it back. It has stayed in the service center for almost 4 months, then I received a text from the store advising me to pick up my phone. Guess what, they just replaced my old phone with a new unit. 
Before I get too excited about the replacement, I asked the attendant – WHAT IF, this unit has defect – she said they would use the date when I purchased the original unit as reference for the warranty. When I checked the receipt – it was dated 10/24/2009. Great. The warranty has just expired. Nevertheless, I am still thankful that they are accommodating enough to even accept my unit for repair. So now I am praying the unit is one of the best units ever produced for this model; and not just another unit they had received for repair and replacement. 

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