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From My Mailbox: Google Adwords Voucher

October 1, 2010

I was checking the living room table for the PLDT mail which my mom has told me about, and was surprised to find a letter from Google. My mom thought it was just another mail from some religious community and didn’t bother in informing me about it.

So I got a mail from Google (not just in my Gmail!), I was thinking it was for the Adsense – but I know I haven’t reached the minimum cash out payment yet, so anyway, I opened it and found a voucher.

It entitles me to a Php1,500 worth of Google Adwords Advertisement. Simply put that Google would show my website if someone enters the key words (I would set up) in the search bar. Example, bracelet, vintage, porn, whatever..

I searched Google for any relevant info regarding this – if there are any blogger who has also received the same offer (maybe they do but didn’t care to blog about), but I only found an advertisement from someone who is selling his Google Adwords voucher. Clever. I hope Derek Callow won’t find out.

So anyway, per instruction, I registered on September 30th. Almost late for the deadline. So I set up my account, and decided to use it for my online store. There is even an option to set the amount per click and the maximum amount I am willing to pay everyday.

The catch – Google will charge a non-refundable amount of Php300 for the activation fee. I did a little math and decided to continue (what is Php300, I got the Php1,500 voucher to use to increase my store traffic). So I got Php1,800 balance to fund my adwords.

I set up everything, but for some weird reason, another field asked me to enter minimum pay to load my account (minimum is Php600) before Google could set up my links. Hmmm.. whatever happened to the Php1,800 or Php1,500 fund that I have just set up?! I don’t know. I tried to enter the voucher code again, but it showed that it has been used.

I checked my credit card details and there was no charge for Google Adwords set up or anything related to this transaction.

So bottom line, Google didn’t run the links that I have set – I didn’t lose any money, and that satisfied my curiosity.

Has anyone received the same voucher? I need to know. Tell me more about it. I hate to think I have been scammed, and that I have just totally wasted my time.

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