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Globe GCASH Card: Encash Money Through ATM’s Nationwide

October 3, 2010

I received a text message from Globe last night announcing that GCASH Card is now available! Yes, GCASH users may now withdraw their GCASH fund from 9,000 Automated Teller Machines nationwide (I wonder when they would tie up with Paypal?). The most exciting part is that users may have the option to design their own card (I was actually at the point of choosing the picture that I should upload for my card).

Alot of people may not be well-versed about GCASH (and so is Paypal). I have been using GCASH since 2003. That’s when I started the love for online shopping (local stores like Ebay and Multiply), and most sellers (and buyers) prefer GCASH as the mode of payment.

I love GCASH because it is convenient. Plus I can easily exchange my GCASH fund to Globe Prepaid balance. I remember when GCASH was first introduced, everytime you load Php100, you would get a corresponding Php100 GCASH balance. Too bad, my phone was stolen at that time and I didn’t know the value of GCASH at that time.

So what makes GCASH the preffered payment method online? As a buyer – I can easily send my payment without going through the hassle of going to the bank, falling in line and risking your life – praying that criminals would not raid and rob the bank. When I ran out of fund, I just usually go to any Globe Center or SM Department Store, fill out a form, present my ID and give my payment (no transaction fee to be collected).

As a seller – an SMS message is sent whenever a buyer sends his/her payment. It is as simple as receiving a forwarded message or love quotes. Then I can easily schedule the item pick up – again, there is no hassle in going to the bank/ATM to check if the payment has been settled.

Now, Globe has introduced a new way in encashing fund easier. I usually keep all my GCASH fund in my mobile and use them to pay for my online purchases instead of encashing them. If there is a need for me to encash a fund, I usually go to any Globe Center or SM Department store. Globe usually charges Php10 for less than 1thousand and 1% of the total amount encashed for fund more than 1thousand.

I have read somewhere that for encashing through ATM, there is a transaction fee of Php20. Not bad at all. What is additional Php10 for saving your time and effort? ATMs are everywhere – you would need a map to locate a Globe Center or an SM store (alright, that’s an exaggeration!).

To apply for GCASH Card please click here. You must have at least Php100 GCASH fund to process the request.

Now, I have said my piece; time to think of the design for my GCASH Card.. which reminds me, whatever happened to Globe GenTXT?!

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