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One Filipina Thinks on Why Coke is the Best Global Brand in 2010

October 17, 2010

Anything and everything that involves eating reminds me of Coke.. Whatever occassion or even without occassion at all, Coke is always present on the table like a centerpiece. I wouldn’t be surprised if I would hear someone buying a soda from a local sarisari store, saying “pabili ng Coke..” but he really meant some other soda brand.

It has been the usual joke whenever someone treats us for a slice of pizza, or chips, or any food – we would cough and utter “*Coke.. *Coke!” as if we are choking and we need something – a “pantulak”, Coke that is!

Coke has been a part of everyone’s lives. Whenever we buy set meals in fastfood restaurants, we even request for an upsize – seems like we cannot get enough of it, and we cannot enjoy the burger and fries without Coke. Even fancy restaurants offer Coke (by default!) as if it is the safest drink in the world aside from water.

When I was a kid, I felt like drinking a Coke is a childhood luxury. My mom never allowed us to drink too much soda – and we were only allowed to drink it (like it was some sort of an alcoholic drink) during special occassions – birthdays, holidays, gatherings and family dinners – which (thank God) happens every week!

Have you ever experienced visiting someone’s home and being offered a glass of Coke? It has always been the nature of Filipinos to be accommodating and somehow it has become a tradition to offer a glass of Coke to a visitor or to serve a Coke Litro in the living room for group visitors. Coke Litro was very popular when 1.5L was not yet realized and conceptualized.

Coke has been a part of my life and it was so hard to think of any special event or anecdote, because Coke is always there. Even as simple as being stuck in the traffic and only having a bottle of Coke to help me battle with boredom and heat.

I guess same is true for every Filipino; even the tambays at the neighborhood sari-sari store, enjoying the usual inuman session – where the infamous RumCoke was born. I can forever thank the person who has concocted such drink and made it like part of the International Cocktail listing that shares popularity with Black Russian and Cosmopolitan. RumCoke was the reason I missed one afternoon class in College. I knew it, we should have mixed in more Coke in the drink. But one reality in life, Coke is the best alcohol “chaser”.

If I may share, a bottle of Coke (literal bottle!) saved us a huge amount of corkage fee when we once stayed in a resort guesthouse. We wanted to bring alcohol in the trip, so what we did is mixed RumCoke and transferred the potion in a 1.5L bottle. We were allowed to bring in sodas, but not alcohol – so the RumCoke drink posing as pure Coke made it inside the room and we celebrated a great trick victory! Now, even bottles can be bestfriends!

Even chefs love Coke the way they love their knives and aprons. 1 tbsp. or a cup makes a simple dish more delightful and flavorful. Now, there’s more reason to say Cheers and Bonne Appetit! How many times have we experimented with old time recipes and used Coke to marinate or mix with sauce? We ended up drinking the leftover Coke to the last drop, and drinking more Coke come dinner time.

I am not surprised why Coke is leading the Best Global Brand list for 2010. I think that Coke is the best selling item and the widely available item in the Philippines. You can go to supermarket, or convenience store, or even to Aling Nena’s sari-sari store and you can get a bottle or litro or a 1.5L of Coke. How’s your favorite brand doing?

Writing this entry makes me think of pizza and a glass of ice cold Coke. Pizza and Coke. It is like spoon and fork. They go together. Have you ever imagined eating pizza with a glass of juice or just plain water? I cannot. It has always been Coke. *Cough.. *Coke! Whatever! It has to be Coke. *Gulp.

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