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The Shoes Story and The New Robinson’s Place, Manila

October 10, 2010

I got new shoes! Yeah!

I just have to buy this pair as I always wanted something that I can use on casual days (I have enough of heeled shoes!).

This one has to go in my cart too – just cute and and too girly!!

This pair has caught my attention. I was supposed to buy the one in Fushia, but I alreay have one in the shade of pink, so I decided to get this one instead. A little too adventurous on the color? Yes! Although black is classic, I am starting to love the shades of aqua, and pink and orange – they are youthful! Hehe.

I just have to contain myself and I was successful in not buying all the pairs that fit. I got too much pair already, enough that I have one pair to wear everyday in a month. So I am giving myself a target that my next shoe purchase would be October next year. But boots do not count here.

So we spent the day at Robinson’s Place Manila and it was like joining a walk-athon. Alot of stores had already opened in the Midtown wing, and I am still thinking of the old RobPlace especially the old Starbucks and Italliani’s at the second floor; although the National Bookstore is still the favorite Entrance/Exit point.

Traffic was smooth yesterday (people are probably staying home and waiting for payday – so what I was doing in the mall?! Helping the economy!). Robplace, however, is busy – add the small kiosks situated in every available space at the middle of the walkway, and construction of stores and boutiques reminding everyone that they are opening soon.

Strolling around the Padre Faura wing, I have gotten a new favorite store – Accessorize! I have seen the name a few times (I think I may have a discount coupon) but it was only yesterday I have gotten to check the stufff – and I looove everything! The store basically sells accessories – charms bracelet, bangles, necklaces (with that favorite Eiffel Tower charm), and bags! I fell inlove with the clutch/chained sling bag designed with red and blue beads (or was that sequins?) which resembles the US flag. Just love! Price is at Php2,300. I’ll just note that in my wish list.

Dinner at Italliani’s. I suddenly missed the old Italianni’s at the second floor area (does anyone remember the old staircase beside Friday’s leading to Italliani’s and Outback? – gosh! Old days!). Anyway, so I miss the old Italliani’s – the bakery in front, the huge bar with every known wines and spirits displayed, and the spacious dining area; not to mention the cute waiters.

Dinner at Italliani’s is quite disappointing – slow, slow service to think that there were only 4 tables taken at that time. So we had Quattro Stagionni and Grilled Chicken Fettucine.

The pizza suddenly turned cold and “hard” after 5 minutes that it was served. I suddenly craved for that sticky, chewy yet crunchy pizza from Don Vito.

The pasta is a little bland but the carrots and brocolli are just fresh and juicy and I suddenly thought of going vegetarian.

I cannot determine if the meal was heavy or I just had enough focaccia bread while waiting for the food. I was so full that I suddenly crave for a stick of ciggy and envy the woman at the al fresco.

Dessert is Cappuccino Truffle from Haagen Dazs.

Life is good.. but today is Monday and battle field in the office later.

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