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Starbucks’ Creme Brulee (Iced or Hot) Buy One, Take One Promo

October 27, 2010

Have you availed of the Starbucks’ Buy One Take One Promo? You have until tomorrow to head to the nearest Starbucks store and tell the barista that you are a fan.

Well, actually I am not a fan, but my friend is (so I got the “take one!”). My coworker who was a little too excited about the promo went to the store on the midnight of October 26th (technically October 25th) and said the magic words. The barista, however, was clueless. He almost hated me for posting the promo, but I told him that the promo would start the following day (October 26th). The most disappointing thing – the barista was not aware of the promo – he could have just told my coworker to come back the following day and avail of the Buy One, Take One drink. Hmm… I told him to get the name of the barista and escalate (I know that is mean), but just to save his face.

Anyway, so we went to the store and my friend told the manager/barista that we are fans of Starbucks Philippines; my other coworkers just said – “yung sa Facebook promo” and they were able to get the free drinks.

For those who are still non-believers (I am hoping my coworker does believe me now), the promo is posted in the store’s bulletin board.

For some reason we thought there was a limit of the number of drinks that Starbucks would accept for the promo. Some of my coworkers went back to the office empty handed – but after a few minutes I received an IM message from another coworker and advised me they were able to avail of the free drinks. Hmm.. So I am guessing the store ran out of the Creme Brulee syrup and just borrowed from another store. I understand that. Oftentimes, when a store releases a new drink and incorporate it in a promo, they would not have an idea on how many servings they could sell in a day, or in an hour. There must have been an overwhelming response from the market (and probably because of my blog promotion in the office) – the store must have sold more than what they were expecting. But the good thing is, the drink is  back and I am hoping the Starbucks store in UP TechnoHub has enough syrup to accommodate all the Starbucks fans in the area.

So let’s talk about the drink. It’s good, but not the best. Reminds me of Coffee Bean’s Dulce De Leche drink, but that one is way better. They say it is sweet, but I find it bland.


We just ordered grande, but my friend brought her tumbler.. so she got more ICE! ­čśë

If you want to try it, go ahead and bring a friend. You have until tomorrow to be a fan.

See here for more details of the promo.

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