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Successful Load Redemption from Embee Mobile

October 3, 2010

Alright, so I am tired of looking at my virtual money thinking when can I possibly cash them out. I am talking about online sites which give members rewards and points equivalent to some dollar amount, but most of these sites have set a minimum cash out fee. So unless you have reached the cash out amount (usually at $25 or $50), you have to sit back and complete offers or tasks to get your money.

So last week, I have promoted the Embee Mobile which gives free load to users. I had 77 minutes and I was thinking I should be completing more offers to get to 100 minutes (equivalent to Php300 something Globe load).

I have checked the application and found out that aside from completing offers and surveys, there is even an option to complete tasks – sort of like Cloud Crowd. So you get like 2 minutes or 5 minutes for completing website address validation, and data entry. So I tried one task and I got bored. I still love Cloud Crowd for paying everyday (even for as low as $ 0.01 – you would see the amount paid in your Paypal).

So anyway, I have decided to redeem the 60 minutes (which I thought is good for Php184 Globe load), but the text confirmation only gave me Php150. Not bad.

To register at Embee Mobile – please click the link below.

Register at Embee Mobile

Oh, I love freebies!

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