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What Have You Missed on The SM MegaMall Sale (Oct 15, 16, 17)?

October 17, 2010

Saturday was spent fighting traffic and the crowd in SM Megamall Sale. I was dead tired when I got home and have missed my friend’s birthday party. Boo!  As soon as we stepped inside the mall, I saw a lot of shoppers carrying that yellow plastic bag with Forever21 print on it.

We went there for two reasons. First my mom wanted to buy flats from Payless Store. So we headed straight to the store and just got disappointed that the style that she wanted is no longer available. There were some nice flats but the ones on display are the only pieces available. I wonder how many Cinderellas have tried on the shoes?!

So anyway, she was able to buy two shoes from Le Donne. She doesn’t need to panic as she has smaller feet.

I was trying to control myself when I saw these three shoes screaming at me loudly – BUY ME! BUY ME!

This is a chic open-toed pumps for that vamp look!

This would make you look so polished. Love this heeled mary janes!

I am suddenly loving purples and shades of violet! This is so girly!

The shoes are reasonably priced at Php1,450 each. I have reminded myself that I have enough shoes to wear in a month, and I was convinced. Off we went to Forever21, which was the second reason why we went to Megamall.

For all the ladies who missed the Mega-Sale, there is no reason to sulk. Cheers to all of you who have spent your precious time doing something else. There isn’t much to buy and see in the store. I just thought that the items are still overpriced. I still love the dresses that I have bought online. I wonder why the stuff at the store lack quality? Was it just me?

I guess not.. There weren’t much shoppers inside. I was thinking maybe all the good stuff had been sold out last Friday.

The place reminds me of a neiborhood ukay ukay.
I love this vintage-style clutch (which works as a sling bag too!). Sling bags – they are soo in today. I love them so much especially when travelling. I am also loving the shoulder bags (the types which Carmi Martin uses in old movies). I am hunting for good shoulder bags but I can’t find one yet. There should be a high demand so businesses would produce! I demand it! Shoulder bags!!!
The buffet table of items on sale. 

Boots, booties and clutch bags. I just looked but I didn’t touch. Some items have poison and you would see yourself lining up in the cashier.

There was a security/bouncer manning the entrance/exit points. Guys were sitting in the tables and ledges waiting for their dear wives, gf’s, sisters and moms who were raiding each rack to get good-buys. 

Stores had put up their stuff at the middle of the mall walk-way. I just checked Maldita’s items and found basic dresses and pants at Php500. Shorts and some jersey dresses at Php350.

I only bought some toiletries and kikay stuff from Watson’s. I got Php10% off for using my BDO Rewards Card (and my purchase is above Php1,000).

SM Department store has alot of items on sale. Bags at 50% off – including luggages. Thanks to airline discounts, even luggage sales are moving!

There was a Clearance Sale for Adidas items, but wasn’t able to actually go inside and check the stuff. Most of the shoppers were guys – surprising sight.

Traffic was bad. I was dreaming of my bed on our way home.

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