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Freebie Alert: Php250 Mobile Coupon/GC from TGIFridays!

November 1, 2010

I am pretty sure you have already received and availed of the FlapJack’s mobile GC, as well as the Italianni’s GC.

For those who have not yet tried dining in at FlapJack’s, you may find this review helpful. I have used my Italianni’s GC a couple of weeks ago – but I was a bit disappointed with the service.

Anyway, here’s another free 250 mobile GC from the Bistro Group for the TGIFriday’s!

Just join the mailing list and enter your details. You will immediately receive your mobile GC. I already got mine. Same scripting with the Italiannis’.

Thank you for completing your details. Here’s a 250 GC that u can use at Fridays w/ ur purchase of 750. Valid til December 01, 2010.

TGIFridays reminds me so much of my college days. Dining in TGIFridays is like Halloween everyday – with the crew’s funky hat and cheerful atmosphere. I think TGIFridays popularized that birthday treat wherein the whole Fridays crew would sing you a Happy Birthday song and would serve you a slice of cake if you dine with them on your birthday. At some point in time, we have even flirted with the cute bartenders. Haha.

My biggest dream when I was in College is to work as a bartender in TGIFridays – this was even before the Coyote Ugly became so popular. If money is no object – I would still love to throw some bottles and serve those drinks.

Claim your mobile GC now by clicking here.

I think I still have a TGIFridays coupon from my Belle De Jour planner, but I just registered and claimed just to test the promo. I am so ready to order the Mud Pie!!

Again, click here to claim your 250 mobile GC.

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