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Giving Journal: 2011 Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Planner

November 10, 2010

Something new is brewing at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. If you have not heard of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, you haven’t tasted good coffee and tea. And if you have, but have not heard about the 2011 Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf planner, you are too busy lining up at that green-themed coffee shop to complete a stub and get a free planner. It seems to me that the whole promo has been a tradition.

Last week, I bumped into Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s manager, Bob who advised me that Coffee Bean would soon release the 2011 planner. He knows that I am a regular customer and I somehow felt guilty holding a Coffee Jelly Frappuccino so I just told him my favorite disclaimer – Coffee Bean should start offering Coffee Jelly Ice Blended. This is the only drink I order from that Starbucks (and so I got a couple of stickers without even the aim to complete it. If I do, I could always sell the stuff in Ebay).

There is no pressure for me to complete the drinks since I already got a 2011 Belle De Jour Power Planner. BUT, I am still curious about the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf planner so I went to the store and ordered my favorite Mocha Ice Blended (TRIVIA TIME: Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf  “originalized” the Ice Blended drink! That drink which you call Frap, Frappe, Frappuccino!) – Notice that whenever you sip the original Ice Blended drink, there is no trace of ice, or crushed ice in the drink – it is just smooth. The way it should be. Unlike the usual Frap.

So here’s the 2011 Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Planner or should I say, the Giving Journal.

Why it is a Giving Journal? Percentage of the total sales generated would be donated to the Real Life Foundation, which would help change lives of future scholars. Now, that’s the true spirit of Christmas.

And when they say giving, it equates to freebies/coupons/discounts! Here are the coupons included in the Giving Journal:

1 coupon for each month!

The month at a glance –

I am not certain if Coffee Bean partners with Belle De Jour’s team to design the planner, but it is a two thumbs up for this page.

The journal even includes lists such as this 101 Ways to Give Back which is categorized by things to do at Home, Work, to Friends, to the Environment and Community –  a little more for the users, and not just about product endorsement and store marketing. Two thumbs up!

And here’s a page which is like a slumnote!

Just like the Belle De Jour planner, the journal also has Vacation Planner pages – and browsing through the journal, it seems that it has Vacation Planner for each month, (or per quarter?). That beats the Belle De Planner by one point. Check the there are sections for Budget, To See, To Do..

I guess if there is no such planner as Belle De Jour, and if I am not chic but masculine, I would complete the drinks and get this planner. I have to say, this best suits the gents who cannot and refuse to appreciate the beauty of Belle De Jour.

But here’s some free space to check if you and your crushie are compatible – F.L.A.M.E.S.

Forward Planning – get another journal from Coffee Bean for next year maybe?

Emergency Numbers and of course, Store Locator

Are you curious how to get a planner?

1. Minimum single purchase of any regular or (there is a typo in the stub – says, of) Large Original Ice Blended, Frozen swirl, or Coffee based or Tea based beverage qualifies to get a stamp card. Each card consists of 24 boxes, with corresponding drink assignments.

– 1 Original Ice Blended (any flavor, regular or large) – must try the Ultimate Mocha!
– 1 Tea latte (any flavor, regular or large) – try the Chai or Moroccan Mint!
– 1 Apple Caramel Ice Blended or Apple Pie Tea Latte (regular or large) – NEW DRINKS!
– Any 21 Regular or Large sized Original Ice Blended, Frozen Swirl, Coffee based or Tea based beverage – the best part!!!!

Although Starbucks only requires 17 drinks to complete a stamp card, it calls for 9 Holiday Featured Beverages (I never like any of the 3 holiday drinks. Sorry).  It’s more fun to enjoy your fave drink and get a planner with no pressure – and don’t forget the idea of giving.

Here’s my first stamp and first step in giving –

Important Dates (aside from coffee dates!): Promo period is November 8, 2010 to January 31, 2011. Claiming of Giving Journals would be until 60 days after the promo has ended.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid or sponsored post. All opinions are 100% mine. If Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf management would offer me GC’s and/or meal, I would so gratefully accept the invite. 😉

*** I love Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, so I am also giving away a little something from Coffee Bean! Please keep on following. Contest rules would be posted soon!***

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