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Play GCash Coin City and Get Free GCash Credit When You Apply for GCash Card!

November 15, 2010

Have you already requested for a GCash Card? I just did, and I got a free Php40 GCash Credit.

GCash Card is a real plastic card (like an ATM and credit card) which allows GCash users to withdraw money from ATM machines. That saves the trouble of lining up in the Globe Center and SM Department Store and other GCash partner establishments.

To apply for a GCash Card, you must have Php100 GCash Credit in your wallet. BUT I saw a banner ad which talks about GCASH Coin City. It’s a simple game which uses the arrow keys and space bar to get as much coins as possible – and the best part is that the equivalent of coins would be sent to you as GCash Credit.

Well, I was feeling bored and decided to play the game (and test the promo), and I scored, 24 at first attempt. My highest score is 34 so then I decided to proceed and redeem my GCASH Card.

Again, you need to have Php100 GCASH credit to process the request. I have chose a cute Pinglet illustration as a card design and cropped a decent picture of myself for the ID picture (for security?! Now I should keep the card more secured!).

So after clicking submit, I received a text which asked me to reply with my GCASH PIN to confirm withdrawal of Php100 for card processing. I received a confirmation note, and VOILA. Php40 GCASH credit was transferred to my account! (and I thought I would only get Php34!) Wow, it’s like paying for only Php60 for the card.

I wonder if anyone ever scored 100 in the Coin City Game?

But still, it is free – or should I say, discounted. So I still like!

Lesson for today, play the GCash Coin City Game first before applying for GCash Card.


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