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A Slice and Glass of Favorite Things Giveaway Contest/Raffle [See Mechanics!]

November 11, 2010

Ok, the long wait is over. I just realized that I am on my 3rd year of blogging and it is just perfect to give away prizes!

There wouldn’t be a 3rd prize, 2nd prize, 1st prize and Grand Prize winners, since it is hard to determine the value of the prizes. Unlike other bloggers and contests, they are lucky to have sponsors and partners who are willing to give away (and promote) their items. But the poor unknown blogger that I am only have passions for chic items.

.. So I am trying to be creative, and I want everything to be more personal – I picked all the prizes for this contest. A slice and glass of my favorite things!


Prize 1: 2011 Belle De Jour Planner

One bella would win a 2011 Belle De Jour Power Planner.

Prize 2: WanderLust!

I am loving traveling and exploring new places! So one follower would win a 2-in-1 passport holder and ticket holder from ConnecttheDots! (Please feel free to add her as a contact to show appreciation!).


And since I love having coffee and trying out coffee shops whenever we explore other cities, I am giving away this limited edition post cards from the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf! I have collected them when Coffee Bean released these postcards some 5 years ago. 🙂 I have to share some more pieces..

I love watches and time is important if you are traveling (you never want to miss a flight or be confused with different timezones!), so I am throwing a watch from Backstagevamp.

Prize 2: Frugal Fashionista

I love pin ups and I love charms bracelets! One fashionista follower would win this Pin Up Charms Bracelet from the Backstagevamp. (Again, feel free to add as contact!)

I love vintage necklaces too! So I would throw in a nice Cameo Necklace!

This is not the actual prize, but would give away something close to this! 

Daring that I am, I would even include this Victoria Secret piece! I chose that design to promote peace, love and happiness (hmm.. as if the people around you can see that, yeah? Share it with your lovey then!).

Prize 3: Sassy and Primp

One kikay follower would get this lip palette from Forever21! I think this is not yet available in Forever21 Philippine store? So sharing the love with a kikay follower.

And to store your kikay stuff, here’s a cute pouch with Jordi Labanda-ish print – yeah I love Jordi Labanda artwork and anything and everything chic and sassy!

Plus, here’s a Victoria Secret Heavenly body wash! A kikay should always smells good right? 😉

Prize 4: Freebie Fanatic

If you have been following my blog, you know how much I love freebies. I also love self-help books, money management and career building books. So I would give away this nice collection of booklets and educational cd’s.

I am still thinking to add more.. so just keep on following!

Now here are the mechanics:

[drum roll please!]



  1.  Follow my blog through Google Connect/Twitter.
  2.  Please post and tell me why you need to win the 2011 Belle De Jour Power Planner. The most creative and wittiest post would win the planner! Please post your entry below OR blog about it OR shout it out in Facebook (with a link to this promo page).
  3. Please include your name and email address.

NOTE:  Don’t forget to change the privacy restriction to “Everyone” by clicking on the lock icon just left of the “Share” button. To get the link of your Facebook status, click the time stamp under your status message and get the link from the url box
Facebook status should say: I want to win a 2011 Belle De Jour Planner from A Slice and Glass of Favorite Things Giveaway Contest/Raffle because.. (then, add the link back to this promo page)

Belle De Jour Planner Winner had been announced!!!

Let’s go to the raffle..

To earn raffle entries for the Wanderlust, Frugal Fashionista, and Sassy and Primp prizes, please do the following:


          1. Follow me on Google Connect (you see that Follow Me widget on the left navigation panel?). Click Follow Me. 1 point

          2. Share this promo in any of the social media sites with a link back to this promo page:

  • a. Twitter 1 point
  • b. Facebook:

Don’t forget to change the privacy restriction to “Everyone” by clicking on the lock icon just left of the “Share” button. Then post the Facebook status link here. 1 point

  • c. Blog: Be creative in your blog and don’t forget to include a link back to this promo page. Please post your blog url on the comment box 3 points

NOTE: Indicate your name, email address, name used to follow my blog, links to Twitter, blog, or Facebook in the comment box. 


          3. Comment on any of my blog posts to earn 5 points (I had previously received hate notes from anonymous posters/followers/readers, but that’s okay. We are free to speak our minds, and comments are always welcome!). I only need you to comment once to earn 5 points. Posting more comments would not add more points. So there is limit. Just post the link of topic/blog entry where you have posted a comment. 5 points

          4. Share any topic/blog entry from my Archive (topic, freebies, reviews, rants?) using any of the social media sites and add a little comment about my blog. Sample,

Please see this nice review about ConnecttheDots!

  • Twitter: Please post the Twitter link 1 point
  • Facebook: Please post the status link 1 point
  • Blog: Please post your blog url 3 points

NOTE: You only need to share once to earn 5 points. Sharing more blog entries won’t earn you additional points. Sorry.

Please see sample entry on the comment box!


The Belle De Jour entries should be in at 12:00 midnight of December 18, 2010 (Saturday). This would give me time to review all the entries and announce the winner and send in the prize before 2011!

For the raffle [Wanderlust, Frugal Fashionista, Sassy and Primp], all entries should be in by 12:00 midnight of January 29, 2011 (Saturday). All entries from today til that day would be included in the raffle (including the ones with Belle De Jour entries!).

Winners would be posted on my blog post!

1 point = 1 entry. Winners would be randomly selected for the raffle. One winner of 2011 Belle De Jour Planner would be selected based on the blog/post entry.

One more note: Friends, there is no need to tag me in Facebook regarding this promo. 🙂


Ready, set, post!!!!

And yes, the first one to post a valid entry (followed and shared the promo correctly) would get a special something from me! 

Post away!!!

NOTE: This contest is only open to residents of the Philippines.

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