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Spread the Word in Saving the World and Travel for Free! [Contest]

November 25, 2010

This is an official entry to the “1M Question: Why do we need to restore 1 hectare of forest?” Blog Contest sponsored by PinoyHolisticCare.

Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan. That’s what the great Jose Rizal believed in, and I cannot argue with him. It just makes me think how would the youth ever fulfill a hero’s dream if what is left with him is an advanced technology and a struggling state of environment? How would the youth ever appreciate the beauty of life if all he/she can see is a 3D image of an eagle? How would the youth ever nourish the environment, if all she can plant and water are seeds and trees from Farmville?

It reminds me of Asin’s Masdan ang Kapaligiran song. I remember hearing the old song in a radio, and although I was still young and clueless at that time, I have gotten the message clear – BUT only now I have witnessed what the song is all about. After the song was release more than 20 years ago (an estimation), what have the people done to save and rescue the environment? Maybe the old sad song is not enough to voice out the dying cries of Mother Earth.

So here comes social media, and as a blogger, I am taking part of this campaign. So, why do we need to restore 1 hectare of forest? I have 3 reasons. First one, we need forest to live. In Biology class, we understand that plants emit oxygen, and we human need oxygen to live. By oxygen I meant clean fresh air. In to live we need shelter and a safe place to stay with our families. I don’t want to be too technical in this, but plants also absorb water and help prevent erosions and flooding. No one wants another Undoy.

Kid clinging to her dad – a savior during Ondoy Typhoon.

My second reason – saving the beauty of nature for the next generation. Forest is the great mansion of all the known and unknown species and animals. That’s where they live, eat, and survive. We are lucky to have seen and heard birds, and crocodiles, butterflies and insects whenever we travel and explore other places. Let’s not be too selfish, and let’s just think that these wonderful creatures should also be seen by our kids, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Although these insects and animals are wild and dangerous, we have to remember that their presence maintains the balance in the ecosystem.

Eagle wanders and wonders. Photo by Mark Jessop.

Third reason – for economy. From the restored forests, we can produce alot of good raw materials which can be used in making furniture and other unique pieces that we can be exported; and through production we could create more jobs – from designers, to carpenters, drivers who would transport the goods, middlemen, sales people, etc. Increased unemployment means unstable jobs for parents, compromised quality of life for kids, hunger and poverty – which usually leads to separation for couples, crime, and depression.

Photo from

We may not have gold bars and businesses to give to our children when we grow old, so the best gift that we can give them aside from unconditional love, is a better Mother Earth. A better place where they can explore, and be what they want to be.

In partnership with Haribon Foundation, and ClubTravelNOW, Pinoy Holistic Care is hosting a blog contest to raise awareness on saving our forests.

Even eagles would be a competitor due to unemployment and deforestation.

Please read the contest mechanics here.

The sponsors are giving away cool prizes for the winning entries. Spread the word and help save the world!

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