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What Have You Missed on the Eastwood Mall Sale? [November 20, 2010]

November 26, 2010

The Eastwood Mall was open til 12 MN last week, and I was just surprised that despite the Eastwood expansion – the bars, malls and cinema were still crowded. Have to blame Harry Potter 7 for that.

Anyway, just some pics I have taken during the mall-wide Eastwood Mall sale.

It is already 11PM and there were still few shoppers in the mall. Alot of independent sellers in the aisle, offering mostly organic food and drinks.

Cibo opening soon. I wonder if the old Cibo in Shang is still open? My friend said it is.

Found this drink, and we got curious. But we never bought. It kinda felt weird drinking beer inside the mall. Plus we wanted caffeine fix. 

Eastwood night market was still opened but not crowded.

Conclusion: We all love sales and discounts and freebies. But I am thinking people are getting smarter now when it comes to shopping. Warehouse sales are the next big thing, and people can easily dismiss and forget about 10% off and 50% off deals. As for night markets, people are learning their ways to Divisoria and 168. The best bargain I have seen was the Fino sale. My friend bought a card holder. I was itching to buy one – especially the type with card holder and 4 slots for paper money (would be useful for traveling – when you have different currencies). Too bad I missed that. Have you found any good buys in the recent Eastwood Mall Sale?

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