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10 Fun Things I Can Do with a New Lenovo Laptop

December 15, 2010

1. I love taking pictures whenever we have family events, dates with friends or whenever we explore places. Having a Lenovo laptop would let me upload pictures faster (without the need to close all my browser windows) and store them in my hard drive (especially very private and intimate pictures ;))

2. Since I love photography, and I would like to think I am a professional photographer, I always add watermarks on my pictures before publishing. This task (watermarking) would be done faster with a new laptop since I could finally download the Picassa, or Adobe Lightroom!

3. I have long distance relationship with most of my friends and siblings. It gets frustrating to talk using Skype with choppy voice and berserk screen. I have faith in Lenovo that talking through Skype would be more engaging and personal as if we are not miles and timezones apart.

4. .. Since Lenovo would allow me to use Skype, I would then be able to install Yahoo Messenger, and Chika in the new laptop!! Yes, I use to uninstall different applications when I need to install and use other programs. Pathetic. I know.

5. I cannot remember the last movie I have seen, but with Lenovo, my room would be a movie theater! I could watch movies and online streaming at the very comfort of my room (in my pajamas, with chips and soda!). Finally, I would never feel at lost whenever friends talk about the latest flick, the cute actors, plot twists and effects.

6. One reason why I am not a music lover is because I do not have access to it and to the many other nice songs and media where I could download this time’s greatest hits. Add to the fact that I do not have enough memory to store even one album of my favorite artist. Lenovo would allow me to download music and albums and videos, and I can create my own playlist. Funny, I have created playlist in YouTube just to gain access to the music that I wanted to listen to.

7. I could now do blogging at home! Yeah, kids and bloggers should not follow – I do most of my blogging at the office – during breaktime, or after work because my pc at the office can accommodate the many things I do while blogging – watermarking my pictures, creating post and typing, checking relevant links, etc. all at the same time with different browsers and applications running. These things I cannot do at my desktop at home. It is either, I watermark the pictures first, save them in my desktop, open Blogger, create new post (ensuring all windows are closed), upload pictures, post my blog, delete the pictures in my desktop. To create a new blog post, repeat!

8. I can now personalized laptop! Yeah! First would be the desktop theme. My desktop would only allow me to choose the windows default setting because of low memory. I know, working in my desktop is like working in an internet shop. Or, probably shops now have cooler themes than my pc? I hate to think the answer is yes. I would also personalize the gadget itself. I wouldn’t put stickers or pictures or ID on it, nope! I would instead shop for the chic-est  laptop bag available in the market. Jordi Labanda-esque!

9. My desk would be cable-free! Yeah!! I have cable for headset and mic, cable for keyboard connected to CPU, cable for screen connected to CPU, then cable for mouse (yes, connected to CPU), cable for the webcam! They are all tangled there collecting dust every month. Once I get that cool Lenovo laptop, all cables and accessories would be donated to that group who does research and experiment with old gadgets.

10. I would bring my new laptop wherever I travel! Beach, diving spot, Asian countries, or just any trip. So that I could do the things that I love doing – blogging, uploading and sharing pictures, joining more contests, stalking (?!), selling things online, shopping in a TIMELY MANNER. Plus, how fun and cool it is to ask the hotel owner, or the coffee shop barista “Excuse me, is this place wifi hotspot?”. I would tell you once I get my Lenovo!

Can I just add, that I guess my employer would be more proud of me for using (and even dreaming of) a Lenovo laptop! At the office, laptop means greater responsibility. But this contest is about greater chances of winning for that great, great gadget.

This is my official entry to the Lenovo-YugaTech Laptop Giveaway.

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