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Eveready: 110 Years in the Philippines, Helping Pinoys to be “Laging Handa”

December 16, 2010

Do you ever remember the time when brown-out has been a part of every Filipino’s lives and homes. It was sometime in 1990s and I was in grade school. I would remember the lights and electricity would usually shut off at around 8 in the morning, and the whole neighborhood would be hot, noisy and humid. I would miss my favorite shows, and I would even take a bath without decent lighting and water supply (our water supply is dependent on electricity).

Thank God for emergency lights, and thank Eveready for keeping emergency lights and flash lights on. There were even times that brown-out schedule would extend until night, so I was forever thankful to emergency lights (and Eveready too) for being saviours of the dark night. They made me feel secured when I was staying in a dark room. They let me studied my homework at night, and they let me fell asleep safely with that little light in the room. EverReady even let us listen to the old transistor, keeping us updated in what was happening in the Metro especially when storm signal number 3 is raised in the city.

I am just glad that “dark” days and nights are over. Although there may still be instances of brown-outs and nationwide black-outs, batteries with that “tiger: prints are always available at home (in double A, triple A, alkaline types). It doesn’t hurt to be always laging handa.

This blog post is created to celebrate Eveready‘s 110 years in the Philippines.

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