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Great Buys of the Week: Imported Lotion at Cheap Prices

December 17, 2010

I am not sure if businessmen and businesswomen in your offices exist, but in our workplace, they do (I am actually one of them! But I do it discreetly). They are your coworkers who sell stuff like clothes, Avon items, embutido, longganiza and other things at what they (we) claim at a cheaper price.

My friend just joined the club and he is selling lotions and other beauty items. To be honest, I am kinda hesitant to buy because, number 1, I am not very familiar with the brands. Number 2, I have such sensitive skin that I have different lotions for my body, hands, neck and feet. Number 3, I have bills to pay and I am trying to save and save more. But what is some pesos spent to help a friend and discover new products? Here are some of the items I bought.

The Bristol Cater Cucuber-Melon body butter is divine! I just love the scent. The tub costs Php150.00.

This lotion reminds me of L’occitaine. I just thought this is a “rare” product. I have only found one listing for the item in Google and also in Amazon which is sold at $3.98. This one I got for Php180.00. At least I didn’t worry about shipping.

I am not a fan of imitation and fake items. But again, to support a friend, I bought this perfume/cologne. The box says it is made in USA, but I didn’t really care. The scent is close to Calvin Klein, I must admit. Now, I need someone to give this gift to. Original price of Php250, he gave it at Php200.

This St. Ive’s Conditioner was thrown in as Free. I honestly do not buy items that I do not understand (check the label, it is not printed in English). But Freebies – I love! So I whole heartedly accept it. I would want to give it away as a prize for my contest.

If you want to buy these items, you may add my friend through this link.

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