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My Christmas Wishlist This Year: A Nokia C7

December 12, 2010

This is my official entry to Nuffnang’s “What’s Your Christmas Wish This Year?” Blog Contest.

I may not be the most techie person in the world, but I understand technology and I can read and understand manuals. Although I admit that I love shopping, clothes, traveling and food, one thing that I do not fancy are the gadgets. Yes, I used to bring walkman in High School, and Disc Man in College – yet, I do not own an iPod or any MP3 player now. I played Family Computer, and GameBoy, and even finished Mario and Contra; but I do not have PSP or any other gaming console. I was one of the first owners of Nokia 3210 (mind you it is made in Finland!) in our campus – and believe it or not, I have used the phone for so many years, that I never even planned of buying a new one. So many years until I landed my first job, and got promoted, and resigned.

I thought I do not need blue tooth, phone with camera, phone with music, etc – and all I need is a phone that would let me text and call (without draining the battery in just 3 minutes of talk time).

(My Nokia 3210 is still working, just find me a store which sells a Nokia 3210 battery..)

Until my Nokia 3210 has died on me, I just bought a cheap phone (the talk-and-text-type!) which I lost in Puerto Galera and then I bought yet another affordable phone. This time, I have thought I have leveled up, this is a dual SIM phone with camera, and FM radio. I just thought they are just extra features I would never get to use.

But then, my need and lifestyle change. I am checking Nokia C7’s features and everything just click on my needs.

    * A sleek design constructed from polished stainless steel and glass. CHECK. I am not that kikay when it comes to gadgets. I want them to look classic and expensive. But yes, that shiny, polished casing would come handy as a mirror – every kikay needs to check her look every milisecond!

    * Videos and images look sharp on the vivid 3.5″ high-resolution display. CHECK. I do a lot of blogging, and ranting and raving and a camera is a must! I always want to kill myself whenever there is some nice thing/moment – a cute kitty or yummy food that I would want to take a pic of, and I don’t have my camera – so this feature, I super like!

    * Three home screens you can personalise with contacts, apps and more. CHECK. I would need my contacts, calendar and notepad always ready with just a few clicks. Contacts because I need to get intouch with alot of people – especially I am also maintaining an online shop and buyers’ inquiries must always be assisted. Calendar because my social calendar has been hectic, and I need to always check my calendar before I say YES to another commitment; and Notepad because I need to jot down whatever things/ideas/rants I have on my mind, at that very moment.

    * Use finger gestures – pinch to zoom, flick to scroll and tap to select. CHECK. It’s true, my finger can do the walking and talking.

    * View all running apps and tap the screen to easily switch between them. CHECK. I am so sick of my desktop which always goes berserk whenever I run two applications. I need this feature. Saviour!

    *Get live updates from Facebook and Twitter directly on the home screen. CHECK.
    * Update your status across all your social networks at the same time. CHECK.
    * Add social events to your calendar easily with just one click. CHECK.
    * Share your location through Facebook and meet friends who are close by. CHECK.
    * Post comments and photos directly from the home screen. CHECK.

I use to think that I do not need to access Facebook and internet in my phone since I have internet at home and at the office, and that I am basically online most of the time. But I was wrong. There are times when I need to update my status just to let my friends and family know that I am safe, and still alive (especially when traveling). I once tried updating my status through Globe SMS (since my dual-SIM phone cannot access internet), and my status look so pathetic with all my friends’ status updates using BlackBerry and Android phones.

.. and my friends thought I am the source of what-ever-is-in-and-happening-in-the-world-wide-web. How can I be so credible with that status update? This is too much for being traditional.

Okay, so all the features do fit in my needs (plus new ones which I cannot wait to discover!), but the best ones are:

*Capture high-quality photos and HD video using the 8 megapixel camera.

I do alot of commuting, and bringing my camera gives me heart attacks and paranoia whenever a stranger comes near me thinking he/she is ready to rob me and take more than my camera but also my precious shots. So having a phone with a nice camera is a must for me since I need it whenever I travel/dine out/explore places/shop.

*Update your status across all your social networks at the same time.

There is no need for me to wait til I get home, connect my camera in the cable, upload the pictures online, get frustrated with my pc and connection, then update my status. Straight from my phone, I can easily update my blog and status – REALTIME!

*Find the best route and get to your destination on time with Ovi Maps. BIG BOLD RED CHECK!

I started to love traveling and exploring cities, so this feature is a must for a wanderlust that I am. Especially that my travel buddy is a male – and knowing men, they hate asking for directions!

*Flip through album art and make playlists of your favourite songs.

Yey! There is no need for me to deal with Kuya Driver’s pathetic playlist or with the DJ’s lessons for the heart. I can now create a playlist of my favorite songs and listen to it whenever I commute and battle traffic.

*Try out new games and buy the ones you like.

So there is no need for me to go to the nearest TimeZone to just play and be a kid once again. Through my phone I can relax and exercise my mind. Yeah boy!

So dear Santa, I am not sure if you are online. If you would grant my wish, I promise to be a more responsible netizen. I can forever rant, rave and ramble about things; but I would ensure I would touch readers’ hearts, and inspire them, and let them learn from my experiences – good or bad.

(Wondering what I would do with my dual-SIM phone when I get a new phone? I won’t use it to stalk people, of course not. I would give it to my mom to replace her old Nokia phone. My trash could be her treasure. It’s gonna be a double treat!).

Santa, are you online? Please ping me.. I can send you my mailing address.. 🙂

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