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My New Year’s Resolutions: Learning the Things I Just Can’t Learn

December 10, 2010

This is an official entry to SkySenchi’s blog contest: “Tell us about your New Year’s resolutions”.

Christmas is nearing and the year will soon end. Gifts, celebrations, events and New Years Resolutions are clouding our thoughts.

Instead of creating the usual list which includes the things I want to stop/quit/eliminate, I would instead create a New Years Resolution list that would focus on learning the things that I just can’t learn.

First on my list, I need to learn how to use a chopstick. Yes, I may be a disgrace to the Asian heritage. My country is in the Southeast Asia, yet I do not know how to eat using chopsticks! I know my eyes are not “chinky”, but that is not an excuse. When my friends and I went to Hong Kong, I even brought a pack of plastic spoon and fork just to ensure I could eat decently just incase the local restaurants would not have spoon and forks.

Fine, I could eat noodles and rice with chopstocks, but don’t dare me pick those maki’s with chopsticks. So my resolution is to learn how to use chopsticks before August 2011. We are booked in China and I want to impress our Chinese friends 😉

Second, I need to learn how to swim. I am loving the beach with my skimpy two piece sets, but I do not know how to swim and even float. Thanks to life vests for letting me explore the world under the sea, but learning how to swim with only my two-piece on (without life vest and friends assisting me in my every move) is a challenge for me.

Third, I need to learn how to pack and travel light. My friends know me too well that I bring alot of clothes whenever we travel or go out of town. Clothes and accessories must match. Check. Bags and clothes must match. Check. Two-piece and cover-up must match. Check. Although it would look good in my photo albums, my back and shoulders are always complaining about my heavy bag and baggages. In my previous trips, I would like to think I am kind of improving, but I know I could do better. Besides, I got no prince-charming who would willingly carry my bag, my kikay kit and my stroller.

So there goes my New Year’s Resolutions. Yes, they all relate to traveling; and writing them all in a new Navi 2011 Planner is the perfect way to start the year.

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

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