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Yakimix: The Reason I am Now Loving Japanese Food

December 21, 2010

It’s like Noche Buena for me every week. I have been loading up with food.. food, and more food! I am loving Yakimix and people who have tried the Jap/Chinese buffet can understand. Alot of blogs are raving about this restaurant, and finally we were able to try the offerings, and I am here to rave! This blog post is actually a little late, but I just want to share for the friends who had been bugging me to write this review.

The first time we ate at Yakimix, we had tried the Lunch buffet; the second time around though, we came in late (around 12:15pm), and I was already number 24 in the waiting list. We were thinking if we should wait or just come back for Dinner. So we thought that by the time my name would be called, we would only have an hour left to raid all the maki’s, veggies, and desserts, so we talked to receptionist and requested for reservation for dinner.

Negative. They do not accept reservations. They usually start listing guests for dinner at 3:00PM, and the store re-opens at 5:30PM. So we went back at 2:30 and waited until 3:00PM, and there were still some people from the “lunch group” finishing their desserts. So my name was listed – I was at number 1. Yehey! The challenge now is to go back at exactly 5:30PM for the store opening. I cannot believe we wasted one whole day just to eat at Yakimix. We couldn’t watch movie for worry that we might miss the roll call.

So at 5:00PM, people are already gathered outside. I am now sure if this is the typical Sunday (or typical business day for Yakimix), but I felt like we were waiting for a Store Sale opening (Forever21?!), or some concert.

At exactly 5:30PM, the receptionist got the megaphone and with a few reminders (Pakiingatan po ang mga gamit ninyo.. ) Then, the first name was called. Ruth here! Table for three!

So, here are the pictures I have taken during the first and most recent visits. For the second visit, I have to do it discreetly because I already know they do not allow guests to take pics of their buffet tables. BUT, the servers do their jobs that one spotted me aiming my camera at the dessert bar, and told me that they do not allow such. Too bad.. This is for free marketing, can’t you see?

So I wouldn’t talk much about how great the food in Yakimix. All the known and unknown blogs have already published their praises. I would just like to share that aside from good food (from different types of maki’s, seafood, meat and fish for grilling, desserts, cakes, Chinese food and soup), I am impressed with how the staff do the business.

I observed that once a group of guests bills out, they urgently clean the table and chairs (and even sweep the floor) and make the table as shiny as the mirror for another group. It is as if the table has never been used! It is as if you were dining in a hotel cafe. The staff is also very keen in maintaining the buffet table – and in replenishing the food.

Pizza?! They served pizza.. So I tried it.

I would surely be back and I hope I meet one of my blog readers. I’ll see you at the buffet table, or at the dining, or in the waiting list.

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