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The Animax Video Game Awards 2010

January 12, 2011

Yes, awards are not just about Grammy’s for music enthusiasts, and not just Oscars for best actress and actors, and absolutely not just about Blog Awards for bloggers.

There is such a thing as Video Game Awards. Some 25 years ago, Super Mario Bros may have won the Game of the Year, but advancement of technology allowed us to control the joystick and controllers other than the left, right, up and down directions.

I was able to watch the Animax Video Game Awards 2010 – and I was impressed with the opening number with special participation of Neil Patrick Harris (yes, Mr. Doggie Howser!) – and he was on stage not to treat people, rather to “mistreat the dancers”. Don’t miss out on the opening number!

I am sure it is a tough decision to choose the winners for the special awards (there were alot!). Some interesting categories are Best Performance by a Human Female and Best Performance by a Human Male. Of course, like in movies and TV Series, there is always Best Soundtrack category. For complete listing, check it here.

The awards night was highlighted with electrifying performance by My Chemical Romance, transforming the venue into a video game playground with blinking lights and graphics.

The show also features appearances by Chris Hemsworth,Michael Chilklis, and Dominic Monaghan. 

I don’t want to spoil the excitement and announcement (I am not in my best gown/cocktail dress to announce the winners), you better catch the TV Telecast of the Animax Video Game Awards 2010 next week. For updates, check out the Animax Facebook Page.

And, please.. turn off the PSP, Xbox and any gaming console when watching the TV Telecast. If I may say, the show is PG – yes, although it focuses on Gaming Awards, you might want to guide your kids when watching the shows. Lots of “bleep” “bleep”. 😉

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