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AyosDito.Ph: New Shoping Site Discovered – It is Really Good in Here!

January 27, 2011

If you have been reading my blog (or at least checked my archive), you would know that I love shopping and great bargains. Praises to the web developers and whoever started online shopping, we can now “web shop” (yeah, instead of windowshop!) and buy a gift, a collectible or even a car, and house and lot with just one click (or maybe two).  Although, there are some who are still little hesitant to transact online, I am just so glad that there are more and more online and trading sites available in the web today; which means, people are starting to embrace the online shopping lifestyle and it also means, there are more and more unique finds in the web.

A unique find I discovered on the net is not actually an item, but another trading site. Long time ago, I found myself typing keywords buy & sell Philippines just to look for online shops in the Philippines. So here’s another site called Last week, I was browsing through the site and I found a nice minidress in teal color. Being the impulsive buyer that I am, I hit the Contact Advertiser button. In two days, the transaction was closed. I paid through bank deposit (for more security and safety, since this was my first transaction in the site), The following day, the dress was sent to my mailing address. The exact same dress with the exact description in the listing. I would give that shopping experience, a golden star!

Now, I am browsing yet again and found this nice “Kissable” Clutch Bag. Don’t be surprised if I create another post and rave about this new purchase!

It seems that it is not a typical online trading site where most of the items listed are beauty products, clothes, or books. I think this is the best site to look for house and lot, electronics and even buy and sell used cars. Electronics listings include cameras, celphones and even desktop computers. But before you buy used desktop computers for an internet cafe (a business I once considered), it might help to know how to find cheap desktop computer.

So I am adding in my bookmarks; and I have four browser windows opened for the site too. For those who are curious about, go ahead and check the site. First time online buyer or seller? There is an FAQ section and tips to ensure online transaction safety. At least, there is no need for us to go to the mall and ride a bus, and worry about bomb threats. Happy Shopping!

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