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I Cannot Enjoy My Pizza Without Tabasco, Can You?

January 16, 2011
I only know a few men who are not into spicy and hot food – and they somewhat turn me off. They always equate a person’s preferences in spiciness and hotness to a his/her sexuality. If there is any truth on that, I have yet to find out. I personally love anything hot and spicy, and for food which are not spicy by nature, I can always thank TABASCO┬« Original Red
That little bottle of great spice has been a kitchen staple – like cup noddles in the cupboard and perfume in the drawer. There are lots of other hot sauce available in the market, but we always pick Tabasco. Could it be just my sensitive tastebuds, that I felt that Tabasco not just add that ziiing experience but also enhances the food flavors. It is true that it is “So Much More than Hot!” (yeah, just like how men describe their girlfriends).
Just like movie-marathons, watching sports game like football (Super Bowl soon!) is a good venue for enjoying pizza and soda (and don’t forget the Tabasco!). Have you imagine taking a great bite of that slice of pizza with salami, bacon, ham, pepperoni, and lotsa of cheese – and tasting that hot kick of Tabasco (just because you haven’t evenly drop the red hot potion in the pizza slice), and it is like a kick and an uppercut hititng your tongue and senses. Oftentimes, i would even get to smell the Tabasco just by taking a bite. Then you would scream and Horray when your team scores while holding that greasy slice of pizza. I could imagine such – a riot!
Like this men rejoicing!

(Credits to Super Stock for the image)

You may want to check the Game-Day Party Menu for real sports night experience.
For a more serious venues – there’s always dinner dates – yes, pasta with Tabasco. Nacho nights with friends and Tabasco. Barbeque parties with Tabasco. It is always present and invited. If you want to read tips on how you can enjoy your Tabasco, check out Pizza Perfected.
Now, I am craving for pizza and I have to tell the delivery guy – additional Tabasco sachets please!

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