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No Deaf Tones for Deftones, Just Diamond Eyes: Deftones Diamond Eyes Tour Concert in Manila

January 5, 2011

I grew up listening to Elvis Prestley and Beatles, it is not my choice when I was a kid, but my parents’. That is always the case when you were a kid, you only get to watch the shows the adults watch on TV, and listen to the music they wanted to listen to. Then, somehow, your siblings would influence you with their choices of music – I was in grade school, and my classmates were loving hip hop, while at home, we are banging our heads listening to Guns and Roses. Then, we get older – and we had our choice. I have to admit that I am not very updated when it comes to music. Maybe I am stuck with Beatles, and Lemon Heads; then there is The Corrs and movie stars started singing. But one band that I admire is Deftones – with influences from great bands and artists; and music which is hard to characterized (alternative rock? rap metal?!) – the band has gone through a lot from album releases, Grammy award and accidents.

This band is more than artists but family, with everyone helping to raise fund for Chi Cheng’s recovery. As artists, they value quality of work and music more than meeting album releases deadlines and album sales.

Now, Deftones is here to rock Manila for the Diamond Eyes Tour Concert.

Date: Feb 12, 2011  (how’s for a rock and roll Valentine’s date?)
Venue: World Trade Center (yes, in Manila! expect chaos louder than 9.11 incident!)
Time: 8:00PM (take your dinner before the concert! load up on water!)
Ticket Prices: VIP 5000, Gold 3500, Silver 1500

This is presented by and Dickies.

If you do not know who and what Deftones is, time to update your iPOD playlist with their albums. So prep your black shirt, and rockstar outfit. Will I see you in the concert?

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