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The Tourist Starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp

January 9, 2011

The Tourist stars Johnny Depp and Angelie Jolie, so there is no reason for anyone not to watch the movie. Unless you are a loyal Team Aniston member. I admit that I hate Angelina for those luscious lips, but I cannot deny that she is a good actress (you should hear her talk in this movie, we should ask Brits if she got that Brit accent). [SPOILER! Jump to the next paragraph] For some reason, she always portrays a good role as an agent. And Johnny Depp – although he looks a lil untidy, he got style and looks that you cannot just ignore.

Aside from the setting (Italy), and the seductive scenes (yes, just seductive scenes, no bed scenes sorry to disappoint you – maybe Brad is a jealous type!), and lots of chase scenes, I got so engaged in the plot and story twists.

It is a story of mistaken identity and set-up. Every scene is a revelation, and realization. Elise used Frank, a tourist she picked from the train that Alex Pearce (her lover) has asked her to board to make the policemen believed it was Alex Pearce. Alex is wanted by the British government for tax evation; and is also hunted by a gangster named Shaw, who Alex has stolen two billion. So I won’t write much about the plot (as this can be read in Wikipedia), the bottom line is you have to watch the movie. At the end of the story, I know my guess was right.

Now, I am placing Mr. & Mrs. Smith second on my favorite movies list. The Tourist is topping my list now.

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