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Anywhere Philippines: To Explore the Ashes and Site in Mt. Pinatubo

February 15, 2011

In this time when social media is reigning the communication battle, there is no reason not to explore the country, and our neighboring countries, and mark the world map or Philippine map with pins of the places that you have been to. There is no need to consult the Encyclopedia to learn more about other countries’ history and culture, or be amazed at the Manila’s sunset in the postcard that we buy from our favorite bookstore.

Plus we can have our pictures taken with the most exotic animals or most unusual food we can eat – thank you for the airlines’ promos and tour packages. Thank you to travel bloggers who share their experiences and tips they learned from visiting a place which we never know existed (like Anawangin?). Thank you to all our friends who share their travel albums and pictures which made us book a flight and pack our luggages to experience the same high of meeting new people, eating new dishes, experiencing new things, and speaking a phrase of a new language despite delayed flights, excess baggage charges and maxed out credit cards.

The joy of traveling! 

If there is one place that I want to explore in one day, it would be the Mt. Pinatubo. I remember I was still a kid when ashes covered the whole Metro Manila from Mt. Pinatubo. Today, the place has been known as one of the tourist spots in Luzon.

How nice it is to camp and trek in the area? This is something that I have never tried. We always get a nice hotel whenever we go out on trips, and this experience is something I want to try. Then maybe talk about Ghost Stories at night? I would try the 4×4 ride and just totally sweat out before diving in the little paradise or just plain cover our body with mud and just be totally crazy? Then, just be a camwhore for the entire trip!

Sounds fun huh?

The Anywhere Philippines has packages for the most exotic destinations in the Philippines. Please contact them through this link for inquiries and to book your trip.

Don’t forget to share those precious pictures!

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