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DigitalFilipino Talks About Blog Marketing for SMEs: Word-of-Mouth-Techie-Style

February 28, 2011

Blogs are indeed the new medium of companies to promote their products and services. Although, the Blogging Community in the Philippines is not as aggressive as in the US and other neighboring countries, I am proud of the Filipino Bloggers who use their talents in writing, skills in photography and passion to come up with valuable post each day. Many people would say that other countries’ blogs are so active but by observation of the countless sites and blogs I have visited, it saddens me that most of the blogs have the same content. I hate to think that bloggers are just relying on the simple trick of copying and pasting contents.

Janette Toral talks to Nuffnang Philippines’ Country Manager Carlos Palma on how blog marketing helps companies build their names in the internet.

Blog Marketing for SMEs (Blogs as alternative to traditional online media ads) from Janette Toral on Vimeo.

Nuffnang’s idea to customize marketing packages for companies works for the benefit of both the companies and bloggers. The Nuffnang ad units which are displayed on the blogger’s site makes it more personalized and attractive to the blog’s visitors especially that the ads which are on display are for companies which are known to the Filipino market. Having said that, the companies would then have more exposure to the Filipino market in introducing their products and services.

Blog contests are also beneficial for both parties. I cannot count the number of blog contests hosted by Nuffnang that I have joined. I did a little experiment by searching key words on a particular blog campaign, and true to the aim, the search engine gave me a listing of blog posts/entries of mostly participants of the blog campaign.

Although this smart idea would make the company’s name and presence more felt in the blogsphere and websphere, as a consumer, I hope that companies would not use it as a cover-up for addressing customers’ concerns; especially that consumers, netizens and bloggers are getting more smarter and wiser with all the information available to us online.

I visit blogs and forum (more than the company’s website) whenever I need to research on products and services I want to avail. I love reading blogs especially when I want to know more about the place, the price, the experiences and mistakes that I can learn.

As for the bloggers, it is important to know and believe in the product before joining any campaign or product reviews. Like what I said, people are getting smarter these days. How you string words and make a blog entry would best build your credibility.

The bottom line – as the market and economy progress, it is important for the companies to make their presence felt in all available medium in the country – not just TV, radio, newspaper, or billboards – there’s also internet and social media sites. Once your presence is already felt by the consumers, continue on improving your products and services. Then, you would be surprised with the countless mentions of your company and products by bloggers like a good-word-of-mouth, techie-style.

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