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DigitalFilipino Talks About Improving Merchant-Buyer Online Transaction Confidence: Send tru Xend

February 23, 2011

The first time I encountered XEND, it was when I received the item I had bought online packed in a plain plastic bag. No courier name, no print, no fuss, whatsoever. The seller only asked for Php50 as shipping fee. I got curious so I researched on the name as reflected in the airway bill. The search result routed me to the forum of the online bidding site where I buy and sell my stuff. I got the contact information and I called the number.

I immediately registered and the person who answered the phone was very accommodating. She asked for my name, address, and even the description of our house since Xend offers free pick up of items – and that’s what I love most about Xend. We can say, I have been in a relationship with Xend since 2007, and it is going strong.

I am just so happy that Xend has already established itself as the preferred courier of online sellers and buyers. I remember I used to call the number to schedule a pick up delivery, and sometimes, I would just send an SMS and I would get confirmation. Until they launched the website where sellers can create waybills and book pick up schedules. To establish their name and the sellers’ too, they launched the Xend Badge. We were given a chance to update the deliveries by sending an excel file of the summary of our airway bills. Unfortunately, I lost them all so my deliveries counter is still at two digits. But it doesn’t mean I am using other courier’s service. I just don’t have a printer at home and I still use the traditional paper airway bill. Mr. Xend Pick Up Guy still visits the house from time to time (that sometimes, our neighbors would think I always receive a Pera Padala!). Sometimes, an Xend rep would even call me to advise that Mr. Xend Pick Up Guy is already outside the gate to pick up the item. The service is like that – personalized, yet professional.

From international shipping, to Ebay partnership, Facebook page, online contests and now, a Group Buying Site, there is no denying that Xend is the new champion in courier service.

Janette Toral speaks with Xend CEO, Bjorn Pardo to discuss the future of Xend.

Improving Merchant-Buyer Online Transaction Confidence from Janette Toral on Vimeo.

My thoughts on how Xend has changed the way people view and perceive online selling and transactions:

As a Seller – as one of the first customers of Xend, I can say that Xend knows how to take care of its customers (sellers). The very cheap price that they offer is already a magnet for sellers to use its service, but the best part would be the free pick up service. Some companies do offer free pick up service; however, a certain minimum amount for shipping must be met. With Xend, it doesn’t matter if you only have one item to ship. Mr. Xend Pick Up Guy would go to your house to get the item and send it the buyer the following day. No miss.

What makes me loyal to Xend as a seller is the convenience –  I can create airway bills and book online, prepare the items for shipment, and wait for Mr. Xend Pick Up Guy. This gives me time to do other things at home, and not to worry about meeting the courier’s cut-off time if I would use other courier. A system generated email is usually sent to the buyer after the pick up is scheduled, which gives credibility to the seller and the courier.

Xend also gives away free coupons during Christmas seasons, usually free 1k delivery of item within Metro Manila. It may not cost as much, but this simple token  would make all the difference. I am not surprised that Xend has gone this big in the online marketplace.

Sometimes, I wonder if Xend still see a positive figure in their Profit-and-Loss-Statement especially that they do not charge much for their service. Then, I realized that maybe, with only Php7 to earn for one delivery, but you have thousands to deliver – that is more earnings than a courier who earns PHp50 for each delivery but only have 100 clients to serve. I am sure that Xend has more than a thousand clients who ship hundreds of items per month.

As a Buyer – Every time I would check online stores and bidding sites to buy items, I always consider the price of the shipping fee. Most of the time, I will not buy an item if the seller charges too much on shipping or use a courier service which charges a lot.

The thought of getting the item the following day after you bought it (provided the seller has shipped it the same day) gives more convenience and security. There are some sellers who would prefer to meet up, but I would suggest to use Xend instead (unless I am buying a gadget). I would stress how much it would save us time, money (transpo to meet up), and load credits (just to text or call the seller). What convinced these sellers is the idea that Xend would pick up the item for free (the same service that got me loyal to Xend).

Xend has changed how we view the courier service and online marketplace. It is sad but true, but we can forget about the local postal office which is the subject of horror stories such as stolen or lost packages, delayed service, damaged item upon delivery and rude mailmen.

I can say that Xend has been a good motivation for those who are afraid to sell or buy items online. My friends are actually surprised that most of the items I am buying online are from Philippines and not from abroad. The Xend badge which the seller can display on his/her site is a good indicator of one’s credibility. Two thumbs up for the person who has thought of this.

From the online support team (the very first in the courier service, I think), to customer reps who answers the phone, to delivery men – they are professional and good-natured which help Xend builds its name in the online marketplace.

Now, I wonder if Xend would keep the plain white plastic? Maybe. Xend has already established its name, that printing the brand name in the plastic is not necessary. But I have to say, I like the Xend shirt of Mr. Pick Up Guy 🙂

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