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Great Buys of the Week: Hand Sanitizer and Bath Set from Watson’s

February 6, 2011

Last week, I went to Watson’s to claim my prize that I have won from an online contest, but I went home with more than just a paperbag full of prizes and cool stuff.

I am sure that many of us have received this nice Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer with this cute rubber/jelly- like case and tail which works as a bag tag last Christmas. I got one from the office and I love it because it is just right there in my bag – hanging and handy just when I needed it. There is no need to dig my bag and battle with my other stuff inside.

So I was thinking I would just refill it and buy a 100ml hand sanitizer (I personally love the Vanilla scent from Bath and Body Works).

But a bucketful of sanitizers with solid color jelly like tails caught my attention while I was waiting at Watson’s.  Yes, it sanitizers with that wiggly tail as bag tag! Same idea, same trick which works for our benefit. They only have the one in solid pink, purple and red. I love the scent of the one in purple – Wild Berry (product of Skin Protect and exclusively distributed by Watson’s).

So I bought one for only Php45 (almost the same price as Bath and Body Works at $1.5!). The cashier and her assistant were kind of surprised when they saw my bag and my sanitizer. I am not sure if they just realized how to use that rubber/jelly-like tail – (well, I am glad that I saw someone carrying a bag with that B&B sanitizer before I even received my own, otherwise, I would wonder why the case has such a wiggly tail!); or they thought   B&B was such a copycat! Anyway, I told them it is from B&B and it is available in the US (although I saw some Ebay sellers selling these sanitizers at Php60 each plus shipping!).

Whoever started this clever idea, I like it! Sanitizers could get fashionable too!

Here’s one more great buy. Beautilicious Bath Set at 50%. Last Christmas season I was surprised to see this brand in Watson’s, as I know that this is only available in Rustan’s Essences. I thought of buying, but I realized I have a lot of bath sets and gels to use yet, so I passed on the chance. Until I saw the card screaming 50% off and I have to buy one set (plus, I think I can re-use the box too!).

So my colleagues told me they know the reason why I bought this set – it is the packaging and cover. Right. Plus the discount too! From Php400, I got it for Php200. It has Strawberry Shake Milk Bath, Sugar Coated Candy Apple Buddy Scrub, Strawberry Shake Shower Cream, and Cream Vanilla Cheesecake Body Lotion. I know that scents should blend well (say, all vanilla, or all apple), but this set is quite tricky for mixing apple, and strawberry and vanilla, but I love the scents and set anyway. I have so much trust in the manufacturer, and the products smell yummy!

Check this site and it is sold at £5.00!

Head to Watson’s now as I saw some more sets from Baylis and Harding!

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