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Great Buys of the Week: Sleep Mask from Club Princess

February 20, 2011

This was bought some weeks ago, and I thought it is worth-sharing and it is a good-buy.

How many of us are working in the night shift? I do, and I am sure that you find it hard to sleep and have a good sleep when the sun is blazing and shining from your room’s window. I had installed another curtain rod in the window and hang dark-colored curtains on top of the blinds, but I still cannot get that night effect.

So here’s a nice sleep mask that you can wear. It is too chic and feather-y, and cheap at Php125 from Club Princess.

Club Princess is a store for little girls where they can play the part of a princess – wear make-up, get tattoos and wear the crown.

Club Princess has stores in Mall of Asia and Fort Bonifacio. Check out the store for other nice, pinky, and fluffy stuff and knick knacks!

Photo from Club Princess

Now, the true princess needs a good sleep.

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