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How Loud Are You?

February 8, 2011

My gradeschool classmates would get surprised if they would ever see or be with me after so many years. I was a typical shy girl back in gradeschool (and even in High School) and for that very reason, I was always nominated as the Most Behaved in Class.

Until experiences taught me how to express myself and to explore the things that I needed to deal with every challenges in life. I get to be more comfortable and I have discovered myself – yeah, I am the loud fearless femme who loves to speak and express herself – through writing – (I can blog and rant and rave about anything that I want to discuss) and fashion (yeah, I wore red on my birthday and polkadots on Chinese New Year, who would dare to wear?!) – and I am the type who stands up for what she believes in (even if no body else believes or agrees).

What about you what makes you loud?

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