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It’s a Free World, Baby! Sharing My Freebies, Gifts, Tokens and Prizes

February 2, 2011

If they say there is no such thing as free, I have to admit and believe. But there are great, great things that you can get just for doing a little something, as simple as sharing. So I am sharing with you some of the items given to me as gift/token/freebie.

1. Here’s a Neutrogena Fine Fairness set I received for sharing my view on how I can keep stay young this year.

The complete set costs Php4,900!

2. Here’s 3 Ocean Park/Marine Life tickets I got for sharing my experience about Ocean Park.

3. I got Confetti Spa Package for two for sharing my views and pleading to save 1M Hectares of Forest.

4. I got this package with lots of goodies for sharing my Holiday Tip on how we can stay healthy last holiday season (sponsored by Watson’s).

What’s inside?

– promo shirts
– Enervon pillow
– Cozane vitamins
– Strepsils
– Stresstabs
– Veet packs
– Gaviscon packs
– Chapstick lip balm
– other knick knacks


The Filipinay bag is soo big! Beats the SM greenbag and other eco bags in town!

5. I received this Lonely Planet: Philippines Guide as a toke for sharing a restaurant review in OutOfTownBlog. Thanks again!

This is just timely. Time to explore the Philippines!

6. I received this package from DHL on Monday and I know this is not an online purchase. A token from Animax for blogging about the Animax Game Awards 2011!

What’s inside?

Resident Evil shirt, This is It! Michael Jackson Blu-ray Disc, Terminator Salvation Blu-ray Disc, Hell Boy Series DVD and Angels and Demons DVD!

Now.. I also got some freebies from using my credit card. Yes, we earn not just points but also we can exchange our charge slips to partner merchants. What have I gotten?

BDO: From my BDO Credit Card, I got 12-piece assorted brownies.

Check for more info on latest promo.

CITIBANK: I got free 1.5L of Coke and Nestea Iced Tea which I claimed from Robinson’s Supermarket. I still have one charge slip which I plan to claim next week. I missed the chance to redeem the Jamon de Bola as I was not able to plan my credit card usage.. I have been using my other credit card for other purchases and it was too late to realize there is such a promo and minimum charge amount. Anyway, it is good than nothing! Check out this link for latest in Citibank.

HSBC: This is my second pair redemption from Charles and Keith. When I got my Red HSBC card, it comes with 3 vouchers worth Php1,299 from Charles and Keith. I have to spend and present Php2,000 accumulated receipts (no minimum charge amount!). So now, I am charging for my third voucher.

For latest on HSBC, check Right now, HSBC has promo with Starbucks – spend Php2,000 and exchange your receipts for Tall Coffee or 3-pack Starbucks VIA™ Ready Brew.

I actually have some more HSBC receipts which I plan to redeem from CPK. I think I could get Herb Onion Focaccia with Checca and Adobo Chicken Pizza!

So decide now if you are planning to get coffee or something from CPK.

Speaking of Starbucks, I just claimed the free 2011 Planner from Starbucks. Check my completed cards which were completed by my friend (Thanks superfriend! I know you had caffeine overload because of this!).

I already have a Belle De Jour planner, but I just thought of redeeming just the same since I already have stickers! Yes, they do combine cards now. You have until March this year to claim your planner.

Okay, now I know my pictures are really striking and painful in the eyes. My apologies. My camera died on me, and I need to buy a new one ASAP. If I could get a free camera or if there is anyone who would be willing to sponsor for my blog, I would whole heartedly accept it. Yeah, I know there’s no such thing as FREE, but there is such a thing as GIFT, right?

Have a great day everyone!

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