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New Food Snack Twistix: Not Potato Chips, Not Fries and Not a Mojo!

February 22, 2011

The first time I saw it – I was in Ocean Park, and I saw kids holding a really long stick with those mojo potatoes-like chips, and I know from afar that they are crispy.

Then, I saw the kiosk after doing a grocery in SM yesterday. I know I have to buy one stick. I ordered large which is the only available size at that time. I am referring to Twistix. If you are tired of the usual potato fries which you can buy in any corner of the mall, you should buy a Twistix!

I keenly observed how the attendant prepares it. A whole round potato was pierced with a really long stick (like the one they used for barbeque and banana que but with no pointed end). Then she placed the stick in a kitchen gadget for slicing which she only did manually. The outcome? Sliced potatoes strung in the stick. She then placed it in the fryer ensuring that it is deep-fried. The potato was not peeled, but I am hoping it was washed.

So after around 5 minutes, my Twistix is ready! She showered it with Sour Cream and Onion flavoured powder (I saw Tomato Catchup, Cheese, Vinegar, and other flavourings). She was so generous that I got afraid I might get a kidney disease after finishing my Twistix.

The verdict?

I loove!

It is crispy like a real potato chips! Now I wonder how many whole potatoes they use to create a pack of potato chips, or a cylinder of that famous potato chip snack?

The carton says it is 100% potatoes, and I have to agree, unless my eyes were playing joke on me?! I know there is no such thing as test-tube potatoes, so I know it is real potatoes.

It is as crispy as your favorite potato chips.

See? I can even use these flavourings for one more stick!

Would it fit your budget?

Small: Php50
Medium: Php60
Large: Php70

Now, I wouldn’t mind one more stick. 🙂

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