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New Group Buying Site: Plejee – More Buyers, More Discounts!

February 22, 2011

I can no longer count the number of group buying sites in the Philippines. If I have liked all of them in my Facebook, my homepage would be flooded with all the deal alerts.

I have discovered a new group buying site which works differently, instead of just fighting for the time before the deal ends, the goal is to make more people buy the deal to get bigger discounts.

Welcome to Plejee! (are you ready to plej? pledge?)

The deal today is Php300 Globe/Smart/Sun load. It started with 35% off and as more number of buyers get the deal, the deal discount increases. Now it is at 40% off.

I checked what are the payment options, and I am glad that the site accepts Paypal, Credit Card, Smart Money or GCash. I would suggest for Credit Card holders to link their credit cards to Paypal to ensure safe transactions (my friends are telling me they are not confident to use their cards in an online transaction).

Check out the site now. Everytime you buy a deal, you earn credit which you can use to buy the Apple iPod for only Php650 credits.

So, are you ready to Plejee (pledge)?

(Unfortunately, I cannot buy the deal yet, because the site recognizes that I am using a server from another geography.. I have to run and use another server/pc and log in to Plejee and get that deal!)

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