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Scrub Suits: They Are Not Only for Medical Practitioners

February 13, 2011

Yesterday, I went to a Dental Clinic for some serious consultation for my teeth restoration and braces.

I was surprised when I got to the clinic because it not only houses a dental clinic, but also a spa/beauty salon as evident with the attendants in scrub suits.

The reason I got into that place is because I was in search of an accredited dentist to do a teeth restoration and rool canal procedure (my company pays for the dental services – but not all procedures, and definitely, the braces is not included). But I checked the price for the braces – it is 50% lower than what my personal dentist is offering, but I guess I have so much to consider before saying yes and opening my mouth.

Anyway, so it was just amazing that not only medical practitioners use and wear scrub suits, but also attendants from salon, spas and massage parlors. I wonder if there is such a store that sells tall women scrubs? There should be, because not alot of tall women would want to work in a fashion industry or show business – there are some (like me), who chose to work in an office environment where wearing skirt and suit is more appropriate.

If you are one of the few people who loves to search for and type key words such as where to buy uniforms to find out the best place to buy your scrub suit, guess where my link would route you. A heaven and paradise of medical uniforms – and mind you, they are fashionable too! I wonder if there is such a scrub suit with printed Marilyn Monroe face in it?

If there is, I would buy wholesale nursing uniforms and re-sell them! I am sure we have alot of medical practitioners and spa attendants who are into high-fashion too!

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